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By Nora Oma Patrick

Few days ago, one of my friends called me, she was like ,”Oma you can’t believe what happened to me today!” She told me the story that inspired this post :

Some time ago, a store called Hudson Bay had this massive sales ; my friend saw this pants that was ridiculously cheap and she reluctantly bought three pairs.

One evening, wore the brown colour of one those pants , to visit her friend/neighbour. On her arrival, her friend was like nne , this your brown pants fine oo , Biko where you buy am ? In short biko dash me !

She was like really, it’s just an ‘ok’ pants naw , but if you are really serious about it, you can follow me home and collect it!

And that was how my friend easily and without any regrets gave out her brown pants.

Three years later, the other lady invited my friend to a house party that she was throwing, and my friend from the moment this lady opened the door for her; couldn’t take her eyes off the brown pants that this lady was wearing.

At a point, my friend couldn’t hold herself, she walked up to her and said, “babe you are looking so good! I love this your pant , abeg where you buy am? In fact dash me joor.”

She said this lady bursted into a big laughter! She was like you are joking right? And my friend, with a confused look, said no am serious!

This lady was like you dey crase oo , no be you dash me this pants three years ago? You don forget?

My friend screamed! She was like na that pant be this, e fine ooo !If to say I see am as e fine like this, I no for give you then! And they both started laughing !

To her , she told me a joke ! To me , it was a life learning opportunity.

Do not give another person the opportunity to show you the worth of what originally belongs to you. Click To Tweet

You see, we sometimes, unconsciously, based on the ease at which we acquire something, based on the simplicity of a situation; be it relationship, friendship, job, property, just name it; start taking them for granted.

We sometimes need to see people with our exes, friends, in our positions, our careers, just name it; to appreciate those things!

To realize how beautiful, how nice, how supportive, how convenient, how profitable those things were in the first place!

My friend didn’t see the beauty, didn’t value her brown pants because she didn’t spend a fortune on it!Because she got it at a discount.

She needed another person to wear it for her to appreciate and recognize its beauty.

If we search within us, most of us will realize that this simple lack of appreciation and recognition of what we have, is the solution to some of the problems we are currently having .

Please look around you, do not give another person the opportunity to show you the worth of what originally belongs to you.

Also , another lesson I learnt from her story was the power of maintenance !

For my friend to see this brown pants and didn’t recognize it was because the person she gave it to , maintained and took very good care of it!

In this life, you have to maintain every damn thing given to you !

You have to do things to maintain your marriage, relationship, friendship, job, grades in school, looks , health , finance , everything!

You have a responsibility to take care of whatever that is given to you!

I don’t know who you are reading this post, I don’t know what you might be going through,  But before you give up, before you throw it all away; please take time to evaluate it !

Please take a second look at it!

Just to ensure that you are not giving away a very beautiful thing because of your inability to see it’s worth!

And you reading the post , who might have received something valuable that the original owner failed to see; please take care of it.

Take good care of it so well that like the brown pants , it becomes unrecognizable to the person that threw it away in the first place .

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  1. Wow! Seriously…This is a huge lesson learned in a very unusual way.Thanks for sharing Nora.

  2. I literally put my phone down and clapped!Beautiful piece, truly sometimes we don’t know the value of what we’ve until we lose it

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