Think With Google Launches in Sub-Saharan Africa

Think with Google has launched its Sub-Saharan Africa website – intending to help marketers in Sub-Saharan Africa get the locally relevant insights.

According to Asha Patel, the Head of Google SMB Marketing for Sub-Saharan Africa:

“Think with Google Sub-Saharan Africa walks alongside marketers and business leaders as they deal with the challenges of a rapidly changing marketplace. It provides data, a deeper understanding and perspectives specifically crafted for marketers and business people in the region.”

Think with Google contains insights and case studies from African organisations and marketers working with Google. For instance, there a  case study on how Africa’s most extensive entertainment brand – MultiChoice – enhanced watch time on its YouTube channel up 238% through the offer of free content. There is also how Kenya’s KCB Bank activated a change in consumer behaviour – from online betting to saving money – through an ad campaign. Another piece features Nigerian e-commerce giant Jumia adopting machine learning to optimise its bidding process for Google Ads – a move that led to a 48% increase in conversion rate, 2.4% fall in cost per acquisition, and 52% growth in conversions.

From making smartphone advertising workdriving viewership, changing behaviour like KCB Bank did, understanding how much presales behaviour happens online, to simply trying to make things work better as Jumia did, it is obvious that the online space in Sub-Saharan Africa is exceptionally diverse and dynamic. Think with Google is focused on helping marketers stay abreast of this fast-changing environment through the provision of the data and insights needed to drive better decision-making.

In addition, the website is designed to inspire marketers to think in various ways about the brands they represent, how they communicate with their consumers, and to help them understand the latest digital marketing tools available.

In 2013Think with Google launched as ‘Think Insights’ to give marketers insights into consumer and cultural trends based on Google’s enormous bank of data. Now, Think with Google has become a resource hub for marketers globally, featuring information targeted specifically for marketers in areas, such as Asia Pacific, Benelux, Middle East North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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