Things I Love About Me

Good evening lovelies, how has the weekend been? Yes tomorrow is Monday…ndo oh!

My weekend kinda started on Friday. I was invited as a guest speaker at the Weavers Club University of Lagos (UniLag) where I had to discuss “The business of blogging”. It was a Friday I looked forward to but never prepared for…LOL you know I bad like that, right? Being that blogging and social media is what I do for fun and for the money, I decided to go there very real and straight forward, sharing from my personal experience and grateful to do so.

Everyone I met at that meeting renewed me to keep dreaming and working towards making my dreams come true. To them they learnt a lot from me, but looking at their energy, ideas, strength and answering their questions as they asked taught me more than enough. Thank you Weavers Club for having me.

And thank you to Tope Olofin for being there with me 😀

Tope Olofin aka Tope The Ranter and I. Thank you for being there, you are a life saver
Tope Olofin aka Tope The Ranter and I. Thank you for being there, you are a life saver

Now to the day’s business – Self-Romance by Nedoux inspired this post

My good friend, Obinna, once told me to stop seeking for validation from others, that I am more than enough for myself.

I started loving me when I realised I alone can love myself as much as I want to be loved.

I love that I can be indoor all day, all week and still connect with thousands of people daily.

I love that I love food

I love that I can sleep for Africa and clubbing isn’t for me

I love that I am always willing to take that step and face its outcome even if all the world’s anxiety rests on my shoulder

I love that I am hardworking, persistent, blunt, hard headed, a bit stubborn and sensitive.

I love that I cry when watching heartfelt movies

I love that I can cook and enjoy my meal

I love that I am a blogger

I love that I have friends that can move mountains for my sake

I love that God loves me way more than I deserve

I love that I am Elsie Godwin

I love that you love sharing your problems with me and believe that your identity is safe

I love how I enjoy paying people compliment, be you male or female

I love that I could care less when you are bleeding bullshit

I love how I appreciate the little things

I love that I never settle for less

I love that I give my all when am in

I love that I am contented but always thrive to be better than the me of yesterday

I love that I inspire you

I love that you come here to read from this blog

I love the woman I have become

I love that I love hard

I love that I learn from all my mistakes

I love that I am not perfect

i love that i am not perfect

Oh yeah! I love handsome men mehn! And I also love that I can easily run from an empty headed handsome man!

I love that I express my feelings

I love that I love me

Now do tell me what you love about me and what you love about you.

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  1. I love dat I am Gbedo bolarinwa, I love dat am hardworking,respectful,blunt,persistent, a bit stubborn,and sensitive, I love dat I cry wen eva am watching heartfelt movies,i love dat God loves me more dan I deserve, I love d woman am becoming into,i love dat I inspire pple,i love dat I can’t settle for less, I LOVE MEEEE

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