Theory of Evolution

Theory of Evolution - elsieisy blog

Not every step in life

is meant to be smooth;

how else could we grow

and learn along the path?


Not every word from our mouths

can come out perfectly clean;

how else could we be pushed

to expand our language of love?


Not every truth that they claim to have

is quite so self-evident and clear;

how else could these documents breathe

and bring about a more peaceful union?


Not every glimmer in our eyes

is meant to sparkle with the stars;

how else could we seek God

in moments of silent darkness?


Not every song from the birds

can lead to a symphony under the sun;

how else could the hawks soaring the sky

find a feast to keep their wings strong?


Not every moment in time

can be blessed by the divine…

or maybe that’s wrong,

because I swear

that with you by my side

it all seems holy.

by Scott Thomas Outlar

Feature image – The Evolution Of Love painting by Jaime Best

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