Seven Years A Side Chick

“Hey, are you busy? Wanted talking with you about something.” It’s Bobo.

9:45pm, I’m working on a script for Mr. Achor, he said he’d be filming by the end of the week. I ignore the message and focus on editing the script. My phone vibrates again.

“I don’t know if I should be telling you this right now but…I’m seeing someone.”

I look at my preview screen, my heart skips. I ignore.

Minutes later it vibrates again “I’ve not been lying to you, everything I feel for you is real but I don’t know, I just can’t be with you right now.”

I pick my phone and click on the WhatsApp icon.

“Are you guys having sex?”

It wasn’t what I wanted to ask. I wanted to remind him of how it all started, of how we’d ran into each other on Nyanya Bridge. His phone fell and I picked it and offered to fix it since it was me who hit him. I wanted to remind him that it was me he loved, that I had a special place in his heart and whoever the lady was, she was just an illusion. What if they were having sex? Does it even mean a thing?

“Is that all you can ask?”

“Are you guys strafing?” I text back. He doesn’t reply. I face my laptop’s screen. The words were now blurry, I couldn’t process any thought.

“We had sex two nights ago.”


“I kept thinking about you. I’m sorry.”

“Sorry about what?”

“I hurt you.”

“You did not. It’s just a temporary situation”

“Babe, I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. We are good.”

“You don’t get me Sharon, do you?”

“What am I missing?”

“There’s no US anymore. This thing between Lama and I has been on for a while.”

“Wow, she has a fine name”

“I’m sorry”

“I’m working on something, and you’re distracting me, so I will just buzz later. Kisses.”

I get up from my sitting position. My heart is racing, tears pierce my eyes but I sniff to hold them back. Never again will I cry for a man in my life and this one is just a phase, Bobo is just horny.

Rihanna’s “Higher” comes on, it’s my phone, Bobo’s face appears on the screen.

I pick the call and clear my throat.


“Sharon, this is not me being petty.”

“But It’s me you love Bobo.”

“Just listen…”

I’m silent, listening but he says nothing.

“I’m listening Bobo.”

“Will you be alright?”

“Yes, yes.”

I hang up. He calls again.

 “Sharon, I’m really sorry.”

“But our wedding is next month Bobo.”

“I can’t, I can’t marry you.”

I drop the phone and throw myself on the couch.

His voice fades into nothingness. I fold myself on my couch and begin to cry. Seven years, cannot just fall to dust.

The next morning, I head out to his house, first thing in the morning. I sight a sea of cars from a distance, I find a space to park mine.

I walk a short distance to the gate, chattering sounds from inside welcome me, nobody even notices me as their attention is on Bobo who is just stepping out, and they hail him as he steps into the Avalon parked in front of him.

It’s his wedding, he broke up with me an eve to his wedding. The realization numbed me off, I wanted to cry but the tears wouldn’t come.

Grateful he didn’t see me, I walk out as I came in, unnoticed.

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    1. really, people can be close minded, she seems like someone to ignore signs and signals. After being told her ‘fiancee’ was cheating, she felt he was just horny. She loved him and he cared for her also, but she was not going to just make him happy. He wanted something different from what she offered. She was not just going to make him happy in a marriage. Sorry it ended that way, but it could have been much worse.

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