Decanter Of Memories – 14


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Ane touched Omo’s shoulder and told her that it was time for her to show herself to Jessa (me). Omo was unsure because she was scared that I had heard about the nasty things she did in the past

 “I feel like an idiot, I killed your descendants thinking I was upholding justice.”

 “But you are going to make things right, you and your great granddaughter. She has to marry Prince Ari; we have to unite Ane and Amei.”

“Too late, I already warned her not to consider it.”

 “Fix it! She has to marry Ari and that’s final!’ snapped Ane.

 “If Jessa marries Ari, she will lose Mason forever. I don’t want to hurt Jessa”

 “We need unity between Ane and Amei. It is only Jessa that can foster it. Can’t you see that Ari is madly in love with her? This is our chance. Let Jessa and Mason meet for the last time, they need to sort out their differences.”

 Omo wasn’t happy but her hands were tied, there was nothing she could do to help me. She contacted Mason and told him that she knew where I was.

 “You need to leave your father’s house and go to a secret location. Send me the address and I will deliver her to you. You will be able to spend two days with her. I hope to bring her this night.”

 “This night? You can’t be serious.”

 “I am dead serious. I am Omo, her great grandmother.”

Mason sent her the address to his mother’s beach house. Omo came to Gran’s place to reveal herself to me. She didn’t even look 50; I was scared and happy to see her. Gran gave us space to chat, she told me that Prince Ari was madly in love with me and I had to marry him because I owe it to the Ane people. I agrued and argued until she told me about Amei and Tena’s collaboration and how Ane was planning to rectify it.

 “Let’s go see Mason.”

“Are you toying with me? You just come from nowhere and expect me to do as you say?” I asked.

Omo told me that she owed me no explanation and I told her that it was fine and that I wasn’t going with her.

  “Fine, I will let Mason know that you are not coming.”

She was about leaving when I ran to block her way

  “Fine, I will follow you but you have a lot of explanation to tender great grandmother.”

 “That’s ok by me. You need to change your clothes.”

 Mena and Gran were so sad to see me leave and I had to keep reminding them that it was for a few days. On our way, I asked Omo a lot of questions and she provided answers. We trekked for hours, on reaching the outskirts of Ane, I saw a car. I looked at Omo inquistively.

            “You have a car?” I asked.

            “There are many things you don’t know about your great grandmother.”

           “Yes. Like where you were or what happened to you after your supposed death. Hmm I guess you slept in a coffin all these years.”

           “Does the name Kenya Lake ring a bell?”

          “Err the only Kenya Lake I have heard about is a fashion designer, she’s in the lives in New York. She is among the most influential fashion designers in the world.”

          “I am her.”

I was shocked, I almost fell “I don’t believe you, you have to convince me.”

          “Take it or leave it. You can surf the internet for my pictures.”

          “H-How did you get so influential?”

         “Some sect helped me.”

          “What? A secret cult? Like the illuminati.” I asked.

          “Enough questions. Get in.” She ordered.

The driver was very huge, he was scary. I avoided staring at him. Omo reminded me that I was going to meet Mason to sort out our differences and leave him to marry Prince Ari.

          “A lot is happening. Long ago, Amei and Ane lived happily as brothers till Tena sowed the seed of discord. Tena poisoned Amei’s heart, she placed a curse on us, Ane’s descendants but something went wrong. She wanted to transfer the anje curse to Ane but it did not work. The Ane people showed symptoms of the anje curse but didn’t carry the anje spirit. I do not know how to explain this mystery. The Ane people are not anjes, Tena did not get her wish so she….”

         “Wants to destroy Ane” I said, completing her sentence for her.

          Omo warned me sternly not to do anything stupid with Mason. I told her she was too late but she smiled and said “lies, I warn you. Do not jeopardise our plan.” I did not say a word till we got to the beach house. Before I alighted, she gave me a hideous wig to wear. I grumbled, she told me that my identity had to be kept secret for Mason’s safety.

          “Your family thinks you are lost and Mason is a suspect and the least you could do is disguise. If someone saw you with him, it would confirm the suspicion that he kidnapped you.”

           I wore the wig immediately and as I was to step out of the car she held me back and told me that she’d come pick up in the next two days. I barely nodded. When I finally alighted, she called me back.

           “I…err…I…care…I love you.”

I was stupified; I never thought Omo had feelings. I thought her heart was made of titanium. It was so awkward; I smiled to hide my uneasiness.

            She gave me a mobile phone and told me I could contact her, the car drove off. As I turned to walk towards the beach house, I saw Mason. I didn’t run into his arms, I walked past him into the beach house. He followed me in and locked the door behind him. He turned on the lights; I removed the wig I was wearing. I sat down on one of the sofas before removing my sandals. Mason stood staring at me, he didn’t even move.

            “You are upset to see me?” I asked.

             Mason walked away and I was at a loss. I was so angry. I was supposed to be the one to walk out. He came back and sat beside me. He was fidgeting; I stood up and started pacing. I started insulting him; I called him so many names. He didn’t say a word, when I was done, he stood up and went behind me and held my waist. I wanted to wiggle free.

            “Now that’s the Jessa I know. I knew you would go ballistic. I am so sorry.”

            “Hold me Mason; let me know that you are real.”

I turned around to face him and tip toed and kissed him. We were stopped when we were out of breath.

            “I am so sorry for faking my death. I never stopped loving you.”

            “I need water.” I muttered.

             I walked away; I went to find the kitchen. Instead I saw a full roasted chicken and I remembered how hungry I was. I went back into the living room and announced that I was hungry.

            “I made your favourite. I will set the table.”

            “Oh Mason! What’s my fav dish?”

            “Fried rice, chicken, coleslaw and…”

            “I do not have a favourite food. I can eat anything except beans.”

Mason laughed like a little child, “most girls love rice” he replied. I helped him set the table and we ate in silence. Mason broke the silence. He started apologizing again and I was tired of him apologizing over and over. I couldn’t get angry at Mason for hours because of how much I loved him.

             “Table manners Mason, I don’t want you choking please.”

             “You know what’s choking? Living without you.”

              Mason sounded so emotional and I didn’t know how to break the silly news to him that I was supposed to marry another man. A prince of a water tribe! I left my seat and sat on Mason’s lap.

              “I’ll feed you.” I said.

             “What’s wrong? You seem sad. Don’t you like the food?”

             “We’ll talk after eating. I don’t want you to choke and the food is great.”

              Mason was about to protest when I kissed him. He seemed so powerless each time I did that. After supper, we went to the living room to watch TV. We talked at length; he told me everything that happened whilst I was away. I didn’t know when I dozed off, I found myself in a room. At the left portion was Mason, he was sleeping on a chair. I woke him and told me to join me and he was reluctant “I just want to talk.” I said. He came over reluctantly.

             “You are good enough for me” I said “I love you and nothing has changed. I left thinking you were dead but I am happy to be here with you. I need you to know that no soul can come between us.”

             “What are you trying to tell me Jess?”

             “I am getting married to some water tribe Prince to save Ane.”

             “I thought you said you didn’t want me choking? Well your words are choking me right now.”

             “Do you think I am not choking in my own way? I am going to marry a man that I have no love for…..”

             “You are still mad at me Jessa. I can feel it.”

             “I wouldn’t be in your house right now if I were mad.”

              I told Mason all that Omo told me and he got more upset. He just walked out and I burst into tears. Sleep eroded me, I went to look for Mason, I didn’t find him anywhere in the house so I went out. He was outside. I begged him to come in; he got up slowly and went inside.

             “You are going to carry another man’s child Jessa.”

             “No I won’t.” I snapped “it’s just marriage.”

             “I have been having these nightmares ever since you left. You got pregnant with another man’s child.”

I didn’t say a word, after a moment of silence. I told Mason that I wasn’t ready to carry another man’s child.

             “Get me pregnant Mason. It is the only way out.”

             “Forget it! I won’t do it. Let’s just elope.”

             “Get me pregnant or forget me.” I snapped.

Mason held my arms and shook me lightly, “I will not get you pregnant under these conditions. It doesn’t seem right.”

             When it was day break, Mason offered to prepare breakfast, while he was at it, I walked into the kitchen with a cropped C back armless top and a bikini bottom and he kept staring at me till he cut himself. I was hell bent on carrying Mason’s child. He was bleeding, he look frustrated. He looked tormented. I placed the injured finger in my mouth and sucked the blood out and spat it out.

             “What were you thinking? Please be careful next time. You should have allowed me prepare breakfast.”

Mason groaned, he stared at me with pain in his eyes, “you are really hell bent on convincing me but it won’t work I promise. Not even if you rip out your clothes and get naked.”

              “Are sure Mason? Are sure you can handle it?” I asked, pulling off my C back top.

              He reached for me so fast and pinned me to the wall, his mouth was close to mine but his phone had to ruin the moment. I walked out of the kitchen in annoyance.

Written  by Kezi Angela Patrick

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