The godfather – 9

The godfather by Gere Ochuko

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It was all in a flash…..she was talking to Garen…..gunshots were heard…..loud noise erupted somewhere nearby…. Screams……that’s about everything Mavwe could recall as she looked at her surroundings.It looked so familiar…..then it hit her, she’s in her room. Not in the mansion…..“How did I get here?” Mavwe asked herself getting up from the bed.“You passed out and you make funny noises when you sleep” Mavwe jumped at the voice, she turned and saw Emilia at the door.“I startled you?” Emilia asked forcing a smile stepping into the room with a tray in her hand, she set the tray down and went to the window.“Where’s Garen? Mia and Smith? Garen was shot…” There was no response from her, she went to Emilia and hugged her.“I am so sorry”“Don’t say anything” Mavwe nodded.********“Mom, have you seen Emilia?”“She went for a walk”“Who is she? You were out cold when she brought you. Is she one of them?”She’s the good one mom” Mavwe said smiling“What happened? None of you have talked much since your arrival”“Some things are better left untold”Meredith looked at her daughter closely, something wasn’t quite right. Something must have happened to make her pass out.“You know am here for you“I know..….” Mavwe said as she pecked her cheeks, Emilia walked passed them.“Ems” Mavwe called but there was no response from her. She followed her“Emilia?!”Emilia didn’t respond until she got to the room. She crumbled to the floor immediately sobbing“Emilia?! What’s wrong?” Mavwe asked but there was still no response from her, she sat beside her on the floor hugging her.Silence echoed in the room, followed by sniffing, sobbing.“After that day at Garen’s” Emilia started sniffing. “I was never the same after it. We saw his father being killed in a brutal way that changed everything. After that day his mom couldn’t bear the loss, she lost it, she left and never came back. My parents adopted Garen, they had tried having another child after me but couldn’t so Garen was a huge blessing.” She paused, “My parents were so happy and I was too but Garen and I knew his father was killed so we set out on finding those responsible. It turned out that Garen’s father was set up, his business partner owed a don huge amount of money which he wasn’t aware of. He paid for it with his life and no proper investigation took place, they saw it as a waste of time cause me, Garen and his mom were the only witnessed and couldn’t give accurate information. We couldn’t quite get over it, so we created ‘the godfather’ just like the don who murdered Garen’s father, we were ruthless. We became invisible like the don, we got revenge later after enlarging our coasts. My parents were never in support and it broke my family, we never really spent time with them cause we were so busy being the godfather. For a while it was good though” She smiled then continued, “but I got exhausted, I didn’t want to live in the shadows, I didn’t want a life looking over my shoulder for possible killers….. And not because I fell in love, I didn’t. I stopped being his accomplice because during one of our outings, things spilled out of control and he got shot. I was helpless, I couldn’t do much for him except watching him be in pains. I knew he might not survive….I watched on as dad removed the bullet when we manage to get home. I didn’t want that moment to be our last, then I realized every time we are out there it could be our last. Life is already unpredictable why add to it? I didn’t want to be his accomplice but I was too late in realizing it, I had encouraged him in being the monster that he is. My dad took my place, they started involving their client daughters in their dealing. They did lots of horrible things to people and no matter how much I did to get Garen out he wouldn’t bugle till you came along and for the first time I saw Garen actually care for someone. He didn’t do his usual don bidding with you around him, and I am thankful for that except that you couldn’t return his love. You don’t love him, it’s cool by me but know that he took that bullet because he didn’t want you hurt, he was going to let you and your father go. The godfather doesn’t entirely free a person, that hold is always there, but he wasn’t going to do that with you. He wanted to be with you on your terms not the godfather terms, even though he knew it won’t happen”“I am sorry”“Your old house was burnt so I think you should stay put here while I finalize your father’s release”“Garen asked you to?” Mavwe asked in a low tone“My dad asked me to”“Is Garen going to be fine?”I don’t know, they didn’t say anything about him. I wish that our last moment together wasn’t us being at each other’s throat”“He loves you a lot and couldn’t stand you being mad at him”“I know that’s why am going to fulfill his last wish”“About me?”“Since your father got involved with him, it has always been about you” Emilia said smiling.********“You know there’s life after all that right?”“And am living it”“You quite being the same since you came-”“Not again” Mavwe chipped in, just then Timon walked in.“Still the same?”“Timon…..not you too” Mavwe said walking out. Timon quickly joined her.“Any news?”No, and I haven’t spoken to Emilia for days now”“Have you been to the office?”No” Mavwe stopped walked.  “Why are you here?”Things didn’t work out between us but we can still be friends“It gets complicated with the guilty felt“It’s not guilty or complicating things, we broke up-”“You broke our relationship” Mavwe chipped in. Timon exhaled.“You haven’t forgiven me?”“Been really occupied, but thinking about it now…..I have already forgiven you. I knew you would end things between us, I’d expect it sooner but it came late so either ways am good. You don’t have to be here when you don’t want to, you shouldn’t even be here at all“Ok, thanks for weighing my options” Timon told Mavwe smiling.“Got it….. And since you pretty much know everything. The godfather is dead

Written by Gere Ochuko

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