Letter To My Sweet

#5DaysToVals - Write & Win (2)

#5aysToVals Contest Entry by Nii Ayi Solomon

Dear Sweet,

Since you walked into my life

Things has not been the same

You have turned me into another man

Making me look at the world with a new eye

An eye of boundless possibilities

Meeting you was divine

Loving you was golden

So if am asked to choose a companion in our next world

I will choose you again and again

People wonder why I call you sweet

It’s a word that describes the wonders in our love

Because you’re the sweetest that ever happen to me

They say am in love

But I say I have found love

I have found my missing rib

The perfect confidante I always prayed for

You were specially customise for me

With clear details and attention to suit my specification

I had dreams

I am a dreamer

With you I know dreams do come true

So I have scribbled our journey in the palms of my hand

And printed them in the core of my heart

Daily looking at it

Strategizing with hopes of making our lives better

This is me today

Sweet, before I met you

I use to wonder in the wilderness of love

Searching and scratching the surface of the earth

Looking for love

Looking for that special lady to make me complete

Heartbreaks and heartaches were my paddies

They never failed to knock me down

And beat the hell out of me

Love is sweet but vinegary

Yet I never gave up on my search

Here we’re today

Telling the tales of our union to the world

Becoming role models to the generation to come


I met a few good ladies

A few wonder bees

A few liars

And a few fake ones

But you sweet, surpass them all

You’re a true reflection of Proverbs 31v10-29

For you have sown your love in the soil of my heart

And watered it with humility, love and patience

You knew I had nothing

But you loved me

You knew I lived in a single room

But you loved

You knew I had no first degree

But you loved me

You knew I earn less than a $100

But you loved me

So I ask…

Who is this lady?

What does she see that others do not see?

Talk they say is cheap

And actions speak volume than words

So I promise not to trade this beautiful union on a silver platter

I promise to make our dream of travelling around the world a reality

But we must start from touring my village

I promise to stay with you right and wrong

I promise to be the man my father never was

I promise to build a better tomorrow for us

I promise to be a brother, boyfriend and possibly a husband to you

I promise to always to be your man

So I write a letter to you, sweet

Telling you about the wonders in our love

Assuring you that my love for you is so fresh

And like the story of the old wine

It will never taste sour

My dearest sweet,

Thank you for looking my way

Thank you for mending the broken pieces

Thank you for choosing me

Thank you for loving me

It’s official…

I am so much in love you

For you are mine

And I am yours

From your man

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