The godfather – 2

The godfather by Gere Ochuko

The godfather 1DafeDafe sat quietly as he waited for his dad to come into the visiting room. The room didn’t have much to it except the purpose of the room which is tables and chairs at different angles, with security personnel. He wondered what’s so urgent his dad requested to see him. He flashed back to when his dad was not yet in jail, when his dad had issues with the company, all hands were on deck to resolve the issues but instead his dad did the strangest thing ever: Asking him to quit the company.“Dad, I don’t understand why you want me to quit the company to start up something entirely different. I went to business school so I could work in the company and take over when you retire” Dafe told his father not hiding his surprise and frustrations“Dafe, I know all that and that’s why I want you to start up from scratch and work your way up”“Why does it have to be now? Can I quit when the company is more stable? You know am really needed here and the issues with the company will only worsen if I leave”“The company will survive, you have to trust me”“That’s what I have been doing for a long time and I feel there’s more you are not telling me”“I need you to trust me and am not hiding anything. Your mom and I can manage things here while you set up your own company far from this place”“Are you kidding me? How will you and mom manage it?”“We will survive Dafe” His dad assured him.Dafe eventually left the company in midst of its crisis, how it all went down was something he didn’t understand and till now he still can’t figure it out.Dafe exhaled, praying deep down that everything goes back to normal because up till now he still can’t wrap his head around it. His dad stepped into the visiting room escorted by security personnel.“Hey, Dad how have you been?”Not good” he replied sitting. “Two men have been coming here complaining about Mavwe and asking me to warn her to stay off my case”“I, Helen and mom have told Mavwe to let the case be but she won’t listen. She still goes ahead snooping around, digging deep to find God-knows-what”“Mavwe digging deep is already a risk and danger to herself, then her wanting more from the case is another danger to me and probably the company. I don’t want him to contact Mavwe again, it might get ugly pretty fast.”“Is Mavwe the target now?” Dafe asked getting worried.“Not really, but her digging deep could put her in danger or anyone in the family”“Mavwe is something else, I wonder why she came home now”“We have to keep persuading her to let the case be” His dad said really worried.*******Mavwe sat at the back row in the church. She lost track of time and slept off, she must have been there for hours. She lazily got up, looked around and she was still alone. She sat down, tired and seriously contemplating giving up her quest on getting her dad out of jail.“It’s been years I came here” Mavwe started “I don’t think I have been here since Nana died. I don’t know if you still remember me, and lately everything I do to get my dad out of jail seem futile. Right now I might seem ungrateful but I really need you, this place might be the only place I can be at peace…I don’t know how to go about anything anymore, I am tired. I know you can hear me… So Nana said. Pull me through even though it seems that am ungrateful. I don’t even know what I am saying…God…”************“Not so fast Mavwe we need to talk” Mavwe mother’s said sitting up, “I have been waiting all night for you”“Urgh……… Mom, I am tired I want to sleep and pretend my life is so prefect when I wake” Mavwe said ascending the flight of stairs“I want to tell you how it all went down and why you should stay away” Mavwe’s mom told Mavwe watching her close to get her reaction“You will tell me everything?”“Everything”Mavwe sat beside her mom, holding her hand. She knows it’s not easy for her mom to finally open up but she has to. There are lots of things she has to shade light on.“For some years now, things in the company have been dwindling. With the emergence of new tech every day, new companies, new policies, things became rough. We obtained bank loan which helped to some extent but at some point we had to pay back and still run the company. We heard about the godfather, we had no choice. The company was going down the drain, we had to save it at all cost or rather what’s left. Your dad saw the company as something that will take years to fix so he asked Dafe to quit the company and start up something else, something reliable to guarantee his future. He asked the godfather to loan him money, it wasn’t easy contacting the godfather cause no one had ever seen him but we knew he exist and will find you, not you finding him. Somehow he found us after searching and asking about him, he helped us but there was something else. He knew investing in our company was putting water through a basket, he asked for only one thing in return: ‘Our daughter’. In case the company couldn’t afford to be run smoothly, he would take majority of our shares and when worse, he would take our daughter. Well the inevitable came, we ran out of money, ran into debts, dropped workers, gave majority of our shares to the godfather and he asked for his prize: ‘Our daughter’. Your father refused even though he knew the risk in backing out of the deal, godfather helped the company and still helping through his liaison officer and various workers he brought in. We heard rumours that the godfather uses the daughters of his clients who don’t meet up their deals as sex slave, workers in a pub servicing his clients, workers for his underground factory, workers in his mansion, just anything illegal and dirty you can think of. Your father pleaded with the godfather to make his price something else, he asked your father to pretend to be a famous drug lord the police have been searching for. I don’t know why he chose that for your father but they eventually had him arrested. Then you showed up, started digging deep. godfather found out, he saw you and wants he’s original intended prize which is you. So godfather wants you Mavwe, I don’t know what he will do to you. Be careful” ……. Written by Gere Ochuko

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