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Lessons From October - elsieisy blog

October was good to me and I learnt few lessons. These lessons might not be new to you or me, but they were resounding and I want to believe it’s now loud and clear to me.

I had the opportunity of Hosting The Magazine Show on Happenings Radio for the month of September and October. It was quite fun. Before now, I was used to holding down a particular show…like a properly thought out show (TV or Radio) for a duration. But The Magazine Show was different for me. I had to hold down 2 whole hours on Radio, talking about people and their lifestyle. It was very challenging for me at first because, though I’m a blogger and people think I get know every news and trending gists, I really do not, I am not that type of blogger. I love being myself, in my head and in my world. I follow news and gists that I find interesting and hardly follow issues that’s got to do with others personal space.

However, for The Magazine Show, I had to share my thoughts on various issues. Issues I would rather be quiet about. Issues I will dissect in my head and ignore people’s rant. I mean, talking for 2hours, what did I expect?

The good part for me is that I have learnt and can do this over and over again. DJ Limo, Happenings Radio in house producer, at some point told me that my improvising game was super tight. LOL His words meant a lot to me that day. He’s been producing for years, and saying that about my Radio Craft meant a lot to me.

Well, it was awesome while it lasted and I’m back to my Radio routine for now – Fridays – 9pm on Happenings Radio for Crux of the Matter with Elsie & Sundays – 10pm on Lagos Traffic Radio – 96.1FM for Heart Matters with my Co-host.

Asides radio, I picked up some job and interacted with humans, so here are the lessons from October:

1. Don’t take your good heart into business:

People are funny and they like to think themselves as smart. Take your good head instead. People will come to you, acknowledging your expertise in your field and begging for your services. They will acknowledge the fact that they cannot pay you. They will offer you a very ridiculous amount. If you decide to take on those types of job, know that you are doing it for charity. People who pay the exact/right fee for your services will respect you more and value your input than those you take pity on. Those you take pity on will at some point, try to play smart. You will be torn in between ruining the relationship you have with them or telling them how bad they treated you. This decision will be quite easier if you see these types of job as no job. Note that I’m not saying you should not take up these type of job (of course you can turn it down), I’m just saying, enter it with the right mindset, so you won’t be hurt.

2. You will need to act the fool sometimes:

No matter how smart you are, you will need to act the fool sometimes. Allow the foolish ones gloat in their foolishness. It will save you some stress and position you for the future. What you do with the future or in that future is left to you. Don’t fight unnecessary battles. Let it go.

3. There’s a thin line between Fear and Anxiety:

Am I the only one who gets the cold feet when doing anything new, no matter what field? I felt it when I was to start The Magazine show. You’d think I should be fine because I already have Radio Shows I host, but no, anxiety came. I felt I could not handle it. I saw the style and the audience as new to me and my style. With time I became comfortable in my style and realised that I cannot be someone else. People who will love my craft will always love it no matter what type of show I have to anchor. All I need is the right words. Then last Sunday, my Co-host for Heart Matters on Lagos Traffic Radio called me to say he won’t be available. I almost shit my pant. I had never hosted that show alone, I joined him in the month of April 2016 while he had anchored the show for 3years+ before I came in. I dragged myself to the studio and for those who listened, you could sense the fear in my voice at the beginning, cos I did. But leveled out in minutes.

We are bound to feel anxious whenever we are taking up anything new, but do not let fear take the better part of you. It almost did on Sunday, but I’m glad I delivered an awesome show and the phone lines were ‘too busy’ like a listener stated on my Facebook wall.

4. Don’t let yourself be used:

Everybody uses everybody but if your user will not put some respek on your name, then don’t let yourself be used. Also think deep and see how the users’ act might help your person in the slightest way, if you can’t find any, you might turn the user down. But most times, there’s always something to gain. The user may not see it, but make sure you do and recognize it.

5. People are watching:

whatever you do, always put in your best because people are watching. Different people. Your one true connection might be in that crowd.

6. Seek advise:

If you do not have friends, both young and old who can genuinely advise you, then you should start finding them. You need them to calm you down, check your thoughts with, and to encourage you. No man is an Island. You need trusted Allies that will tell you the truth and look at things objectively with their years of experience.

How did October treat you and what lessons did you learn?

Welcome to November! Happy new month Elsians!!!

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    1. Hello Amaka, Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you can relate to the lessons. Do take care

  1. I can totally relate with a few of the lessons. i learnt quite a few things myself and seizing the bull by the horn is one lesson am currently undergoing.

    1. Whao.. Seizing the bull by the horn lesson has really helped me to tackle difficult situations in a determined and confident way.. . Nice lesson.

    2. Seizing the bull by the horn. hmmm…I should add that to my lessons. Thank you.

  2. This was really helpful, and true to fact sometimes you just have to play the fool and let people have their way.. Thanks Elsie

  3. Nice write up.. These are really great lessons. *I have learnt not to allow friendship come in between business. *act like a fool to fool the fools that think they are fooling you. *Always watch my steps and whatever am doing *keep my “I too know” aside and ask ask ask. Thanks for this write-up.

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