Make a Difference and Decide to be Happy

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Hey fam, Happy New Year!

Its funny my first post for the year 2019 is going up on the 21st of January. That’s extremely late, I know. But one of my motto for this year and almost every other year has been going at my own pace, slowly and steady while appreciating the enormous grace of God in my life. My journey has been one of zero external competition but personal. I appreciate everyone who reached out to find out what was going on with myself and the blog. I love you. The blog and I, took a much needed break. We are here and ready to dish out creativity and opinions. So if you have any form of written work you would love us to help publish, please do not hesitate to reach out to my team and I, by clicking HERE

2018 was beautiful and painful. My profile took a leap which I am thankful for the strength, ideas and work put in. However, it was a rough one for me. Losing my brother threw me into a dark place – one that I am still crawling out of, it shook my faith but thank God for his grace and mercies and the gift of life.

As I look forward to what this year has got for me, I would love to encourage you to trust in God. The road might be rough, people will misunderstand you, people will let you down and life will hit you. However, your decision to make every moment of your life spent about your happiness and growth will keep you going.Elsie Godwin in front of PlusTV Africa - elsieisy blog

We don’t know when death will come. Well, at least I don’t. But each day you wake up breathing is another opportunity to make a difference and be happy. Happiness is a decision and a choice. Take a decision to be happy and deliberately choose your happiness above all. Do not put yourself under any form of pressure. Know your cross and carry it. Identify your path and walk it. Seek your grace and own it. You are not the next person. You are you and no one can be you. You are uniquely you. You were not created by mistake. You are created because of your importance in the grand scheme of things.

Let this year be bout YOU – Your happiness and growth.

I care…

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