The Exodus


By Abdulrahman M. Abu-yaman

Like a time bomb imminent to explode,Vibrations hit the arena.The adrenaline rush begin to climaxThe exodus procession to the epicenterOf glamour, glory and greatness; via focal Points onpower, currencies and avarice.For these were the centers and points of Attraction they crave for.Enroute to their promise land,They invite passers-by to join the trainAnd more often than not they do, after they areEnticingly cajoled with sumptuous returns.But few others refused to follow the crowd,Because they were uncomfortable withThe former’s aspirations. The problem not beingThe epicenter which is the target, butRather, the focal points, the aims. ForTheir means couldn’t justify the ends. So,They backed out from the crowd ofDeluded desperadoesThen, one of the insiders cried out…“If you cannot beat us, come on, join us”In response, an outsider replied…“In that case, we will have to beatYou all, to prove we have better aimsTo your targets”

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