She Saying ‘No’ To Your Proposal Doesn’t Make Her A Fool

She Saying 'No' To Your Proposal Doesn't Make Her A Fool

Considering the fact that valentines day was two days ago, this type of gist is quite expected. People can be very pathetic and it will be best if you do not regard praises from anyone. Not in the real world and DEFINITELY not on social media.Someone updated his Facebook status saying he proposed to a lady yesterday and she said no. Sorry bro, I know that hurts but be strong, move on and find out what you didn’t do right to avoid a future ‘no’.My main problem is with the sick commenters.’She can’t discern a good man. The right one will come…take heart”heya sorry. She is so unlucky. The right one will come”She is a moron. She is definitely missing out on a good man.’And that was where I stopped biko.How exactly is she a moron and unlucky? Because she is woman enough to say ‘no’ to a ring some people will jump on like their life depends on it?People need to chill.A proposal is a question. Abi? Or am I missing something? ‘Will you be my wife?’ Will you marry me?’ you either get a yes or a no.That you day dream over a person’s online personality isn’t enough to tag someone else a moron or fool for not saying yes to him.If you think he is that awesome…please go and marry him. It’s not that hard.Stop acting like a lady saying no to a proposal is a taboo. It is very normal. She will be the one to love, cherish and tolerate her man. So if she feels she cannot tolerate the man in question, why say yes because of what people will say?Dear men, to avoid this kind of pain, be sure you both are on same page before popping such question in public or in private sef to avoid stories that touch.Dating a person is not an automatic ‘I want to marry you’ ….for many, they get to know more about their partners in order to decide if marriage is possible with him or her.She Saying ‘No’ To Your Proposal Doesn’t Make Her A Fool. She is not a moron neither is she unlucky. You are just not a good lover for her. That doesn’t mean you won’t be prince charming to another woman. But this one no be your own. Shekena!One man’s food is another man’s mess!!!!Image source –

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  1. If you check you will find that some of the people making those comments were women. Because to some of us it is better to be miserable for the rest of life than not to have been married at “the right time”. Hats off to the lady who knew this wasn’t the man for her and said so, mbok.

  2. I agree with zeenike. Better marry late than become late cos of early marriage, better single n happy than be a jail bird in misery. I doff my hat for that babe abeg.

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