My Tale Of Love, Lust & Betrayal

#5DaysToVals - Write & Win (2)

#5DaysToVals Contest Entry – Submitted by Eniola OpeOluwa Odunlami

It was in my last year in high school that I met Olabisi. It happened that we both were posted to the same examination centre during our GCE and that was how it all began. I’ve only always read it in books and watched it in movies but I really never believed it existed hitherto our meeting; such bond and mutualism we shared. She has all I desired in a lady and I have all she wanted in a guy too so that made it quite easy for us to bond in no time. Her company comforted my soul; she was the rainbow in my cloud. There was hardly anything I did without her being in it. I feel so lucky whenever I’m around her. Spending time with her makes me feel really happy. She is perfect and just the way I like it. We were each other’s confidant and shared a lot of memories. It hurts me more whenever she’s in distress. Whatever I feel, she equally felt. We were more than what the word friends could describe. Everyone thought we were dating; my friends, my parent, my siblings and hers but we weren’t though.She can go any length to please me and I can equally do that. I remember the day I almost lost my life in the bid to get my phone so I won’t miss our usual sweet nothings chat. That fateful evening, curfew was declared as a result of the fight that ensued between two rival cult groups in my area earlier that day. When everyone was indoor and the doors locked, I sneaked out of the house to a neighbour’s to unplug my phone where I was charging it. Thank goodness I wasn’t caught else…. On countless occasions, I remember staying up all night to chat with her. Even when I had exam the next day, I’m never bothered; it pleases me to fail an exam over missing to chat with her.I did a whole lot of odd things….Just when our romance was in its peak and our attachment becoming unbreakable, the Michelle I’ve forgotten and gotten over resurfaced from no where. Michelle; this is someone that loves me more than I can ever imagine, in fact more than she loves herself. She is my girlfriend but we lost contact for some while and it was during this time that I met and fell in love with Olabisi. Now that Michelle is back in the scene, I had to battle with either telling Michelle I now have someone else I’m going out with or I kill the sparlke between I and Olabisi and move on with Michelle or I play the game of double-dating….I tried to be a nice guy by playing an entirely different game. I moved on with Michelle and introduced her to Olabisi and they became really good friends. I was quite happy about that not knowing it was the beginning of my end. The fondness between I and Olabisi gradually went down the drain. It was a hard pill for her to swallow. It was very difficult for her to move on without me, but she eventually did. Not quite long after, my conscience started to prick me, I became confused and I had to break up with Michelle as I couldn’t stand dating her while still much in love with Olabisi.Like they say, “we all make choices in life, but in the end our choices make us” but my case was a reverse; the choice I made marred me. I eventually lost the two of them. It’s really hard for me to clear it of my mind. There isn’t any day that will pass and I won’t think about it. On some occasions it feels like I was naive while on others what I feel is indescribable, but whichever way, I fear if I’ll ever meet someone that will love me as much as either of Olabisi or Margaret did….

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  1. This piece is wonderful Darling Brother. The Messages are clear as crystal, the words settings are great aswell.See you at the top.-Ademidayo.

  2. This piece is wonderful Darling Brother. The Messages are clear as crystal, the words settings are great aswell.See you at the top.-Ademidayo.

  3. Beautiful story! What a great loss. You shouldn’t have introduced them to each other men!

  4. This really worth sharing Darling Bro. The sky is your limit. Much Love. – Lateef Olawale.

  5. Uhmmm,I’m short of words…all I can say z just take heart and move is well my Brother.

  6. One can’t serve two masters at the same time…………..Game not well played!!!

  7. Wow! Dis lovely I read frm d beginning to d end wit a lot of expectation ,sound nice and good.more grease to ur elbow. Douglas Kunle.

  8. touching story, it’s also a fiction of contemporary reality, love lust dichotomy…nice one…

  9. It’s informative and Entertaining, this just your starting point, the sky is ur limit.

  10. Wonderful story…. The bottom line is, you could have stayed up with one (Mitchell) & let Olabisi know since you said you were not dating somewhere in the article. I am always proud of your work. The sky is the beginning. – Olajide.

  11. Being the best boyfriend comes with a price. You’ve got to be a Better Boyfriend for The Next Babe U’ll meet… So Have that In Ur Brain never let it go….. ?❤?NICE PIECE ANYWAY…. -F_T

  12. Being the best boyfriend comes with a price. You’ve got to be better and better for the Next Babe U’ll meet… So make sure U keep it On Ur head, so U won’t make the Same mistake next time…Nice write up==> F_T

  13. This work is very artistic, I must say.It’s beautiful. As for you,For everything there’s a reason.I’m sure you won’t make that mistake again cos they say “Once bitten,twice shy”-Sunshine.

  14. Amazing piece up there bro. In essence,we have another Achebe in the making…keep it up. Impressive!

  15. Lol,,,,,take it off ur mind,,,,,you know say two masters no feel enter the same train

  16. A critics view:- I’m unimpressed. Didn’t know whether I was reading present tense or past tense. So many ups and downs. Please work on that. Good luck

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