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“I am Betty. The mother of his only child. Haven’t he told you yet?” Betty said before John could respond with a bilious face.

John turned bleak as he moved his gaze to Adenike.

Adenike looked at Betty, blinking her eye severally. She wiped her face with her hand like she was trying to get her sight back.

Itunu!.. She shouted, and bounced on Betty.

It was one hell of a night for John as he struggled to separate the ladies. They fought in silence without saying a word. He wasn’t so worried because it was clear that Adenike had the upper hand. He kept wondering where and how they knew each other. And how come Betty is now Itunu. When he realized they weren’t ready to stop the fight, he let them be and simply helped himself with a bottle of chilled water to calm his nerves.

After the ladies had fought till they were exhausted. John gave them a round of applause and asked,

“Are you done?”

None of them paid him any attention. As they started a heated argument, still panthing heavily.

“This time, I won’t allow you take him from me. I am very sure that baby you claim to be his, is someone else’s own. And I doubt you even know who the father to that baby is. But take a good look at John, he is mine and mine alone.” Adenike managed to say with so much rage and anger.

“Oh shut up! You are a loser, you have always been and will always be. You think you can drag a man with me? You never had the courage back then and you won’t start having such now because I will place you were you are meant to be.” Betty replied.

“Itunu, I am warning you for the last time, stay away from John with that bastard you call a child. He is not interested in you nor the baby”

Betty turned to see what John’s reaction would be to that. But she found an unperturbed being, quite relaxed and listening to their conversation. She looked at Adenike darkly, got up, picked up her purse and made her way out.

“You have not seen/heard the last of me.” She said as she slammed the door behind her.

“What was all that drama about? It obvious you both have a history together.” John calmly asked.

Adenike broke down in tears, ran towards John and gave him a tight hug.

“Baby, I don’t ever want to lose you. I love you and please don’t leave me for her, please!”

“What are you saying? The problem I have with you is the fact that you don’t trust me. Do you actually think I will do anything to hurt you?’ John asked in a sour tone and with a lot of seriousness. He tried to hide the disappointment in his eyes, but he couldn’t.

“I know Itunu, Betty or whatever she is called long time ago while I was still dating Pamilerin’s dad. She was the closest friend I had then and she knew every and anything that transpired between pamilerin’s dad and I. I told her everything because she is older than I am and more exposed. I was surprised she was no where to be found when I got pregnant. Pamilerin’s dad’s rejection was painful while I had to bear the pain of not seeing my best friend. She stopped taking my calls. I kept on calling until the number stopped going through. Apparently, she changed her number. It was all clear to me when I heard she now dates my ex (Pamilerin’s dad). I was pained. I thought of so many things, I tried to imagine what she told him to make him stay away from him. To make him choose her above me. The knowledge of what really went down brought back a new set of heart piercing to me. All I had was my mum (May God bless her for me) and finally my dad accepted me and started getting close. I am sorry I acted the way I did. All the bottled up anger I had for her had to be unleashed today.”

“Wow!” John said with a deadpan look.

“And I am sure that child she claims to be yours isn’t yours. I know what extent Itunu can go to get whatever she wants. She’s a desperate go getter.”

“Do you think she would come back? Or ever call me again?” John asked.

“I don’t underestimate her, but I sure would be waiting for her.”

“Can we get married already?” John said as he took her lips in his.


John’s mum made sure the wedding was the talk of the town. It’s her only son and child‘s wedding and she wasn’t going to be anything close to humble about it. The color for the occasion was Red and green. Everyone looked gorgeous and radiant as the couples danced into the reception. They were served by the live band, and John didn’t hold any of his dance steps back. It sure was the happiest day of his life or so it seemed.

Adenike suddenly paused like she was being controlled by someone or something. Her face turned pale looking at a direction. John followed her eye to see what was wrong and was caught with Betty’s eye. Smiling at them. Adenike dashed out of the reception hall and John followed suit.

“Nike, what is it? Can’t you just ignore her? It’s our day for crying out loud. I am happy, don’t ruin this day for us”

“No! I can’t. How come she bought the cloth? Sitted comfortably like she’s a friend or even family. What is that traitor doing in my wedding?”

“Ok, I know you don’t like her, she knows it too. You are making her gloat in happiness with this attitude of yours. I am sure that’s her aim and she’s winning.”

“She had to bring him here. Do you know how that makes me feel? I haven’t set my eyes on him for over 5yrs. I have tried to get my life back as a single mother before I met you.”

John was confused, so he asked her,

“What are you talking about?”

“Pamilerin’s dad. The guy sitting next to her is Pamilerin’s dad. Why did she choose today of all day to torment me?”

“Obviously because you both are now sworn enemies. Baby I am not comfortable with all these. And this things should be settled as soon as possible. Pamilerin’s dad is in your past. I am here. I love you. That’s all I want to matter to you today and now. Let go of this grudges, you are hurting yourself more and wont be able to think straight. But unless you are still in love with him”

“No, how can you say such? I don’t feel anything for him and even if I do, I am sure its hate.”

“Then prove that to me by holding my hand. Walking back into that hall and dance like you have never done today.”

She smiled sheepishly as they walked back into the reception like they were coming in for the first time.

As they got to a position that’s directly in front of Betty and her partner. She danced, whinned, hugged and kissed John. Guest applauded them, some wondered if the dashing out and coming back in with a different style was part of the wedding serene.


2 weeks after they got back from their honeymoon. John drove to work at usual. He pulled over at the parking lot, picked out his phone and dialed a number.

“Betty, we need to talk. The guy you attended the wedding with and I.”

Episode XII


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  1. Madam…you should consider turning this into a book. Meanwhile I have tire for the suspense oh! Too many babies!

  2. What is wrong with this John… What’s he calling Betty for again?? If the talk no make sense, I’ll knock his head… He should wait and see.. Madan Elsie, don’t put me on this kind of suspense next time so I won’t develop a heart attack…*grabs a bottle of coke*

  3. AUNTY ELSIE O!!!!!!! Joor, tori Olorun, finish this story kai kai… this suspense is an AK 47 o…By the way, warn John o; I don tire.

  4. pls where is the concluding part of a guys dilemma, its dragged for tor too long>

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