Take hold of God’s promises

Faith is not an intellectual agreement.

Faith is not a feeling. That is why the Bible said one may mentally assent but never have: Mental assent recognizes the truthfulness of God’s word but never act on it.

Your affection and emotion must be set to take the word of God without questioning the word.

Faith is not abstract. Faith can be practiced.faith

Any man can exercise faith today and receive from God but a man can only exercise what he believes.

We believe, that’s why we pray.

Gen 15:5-6

Abraham believed. Do you believe God’s promises?

The Bible says ‘you are destined to be blessed, saved, healed, delivered and saved’.

All the promises of God dwells in the Bible. God will not open the door of His knowledge, wisdom, understanding and blessings to the one who keeps his/her Bible shut.

Take hold of God’s promises.prayerPrayer is not right if it does not spring from faith.

Prayer must be followed by an attitude of absolute trust in God Almighty that He is working out the answer.

You cannot think contrary to the word of God and receive His blessings. The doubt must be refused and resolutely resisted.

Capture your thoughts.

Thoughts of doubts might come though at the point of breakthrough and persist in stay but resist to put them into words and they will die and burn.

Doubt you doubts, don’t doubt your faith.

The evidence of what we believe is our faith in God’s word. Real faith is based on the word of God.

Faith comes before sight.

In John 20:25, Thomas doubting our Lord because Thomas believe only on what he could feel and touch.

Anyone can shout hallelujah when the blessing comes but only a man of faith can shout hallelujah when the blessing is yet to come.

John 11:41-42; When Jesus was thanking God, Lazarus body was still in the grave.

It honors God Almighty to believe in him even when every sense contradicts it.

Faith is God’s word prevailing over negative sense evidence.

A man of faith will say, ‘Lord thank you for healing me even if the sign of sickness is still there’.

Our confidence shouldn’t be on the blessing but on the blessing provider – God.

Have faith in God.

Faith is the unshakeable confidence on the reality of the yet unseen world – God’s promises.

It is not proper to base our faith on our improvement after prayer.

When a farmer plants a seed, he does not dig it up to see if it’s growing. If a farmer can have such confidence in nature, why can’t we believers have such confidence in the God of nature?

Faith is not a risk but a sure practical act.

Take hold of God’s promises by having faith in the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ.take hold of God's promises

 Have a blessed week.

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  1. This highlights the key difference between being a religious person and a spiritual person. Many people claim to believe all sorts of faith but lack understanding of spiritual principles. I blame the religious institutions for teaching people to be intellectually and spiritually lazy. I am not religious but enjoyed reading this 🙂

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