A Guy’s Dilemma Finale


Finally, here is the final episode of this John’s dilemma o. I am sorry it dragged this long. Thanks to Femi for helping me have a final episode, if not for him, the movie would probably keep playing in my head. Lol. Thanks for following this story. Enjoy the last episode but if you are just reading, Click here for all episodes.

Betty sat opposite John and ordered for a bowl of ice-cream and sharwama.  She smiled at John and mischievously started caressing his hands which he placed on the table.

“Lady, I didn’t call you hear to eat. I just need some answers, and it will do us some good if you provide them without beating around the bush.” John said, not paying attention to her distracting acts.

Betty packed some ice-cream and licked it as she winked at him, and responded, “I will save you the stress of asking, and tell you three things you need to know.” She paused for a while, chuckled, and then continued, “I know I am full of shit. It is my way of life, but there are certain things I won’t joke about. I actually have a son for you, and he has been asking to know who his father is. As for the man I attended your wedding with; he is an old story that came up to fit into a perfect role. I am no longer with Pamilerin’s father, we were invited to cause unrest at your wedding, and we only played the role we got paid for.”

John who now had his heart in his mouth looked on quietly as she spoke. Betty had just confirmed one of his greatest fears – a son. “When can I meet him?” John questioned,

“Meet who?” Betty retorted.

“My son, when can I meet him?”

“Oh! You will soon. I am not done yet, there is one more thing you need to know”

“Then spill it”, John demanded

“Your so-called wife is f**king someone else and it will interest you….” John picked up the bowl of ice-cream and smashed it on her face before she could say another word. He stood up aggressively, and banged the table repeatedly has he spoke.

“You are nothing but a slimy bitch. Do you actually think your cheap lie will change my mind about Adenike? Hell No!” he continued his rants, “you can keep that bastard of a thing you call my son, and if you ever call my line again” – he squeezed his hands to make a fist as he emphasized on the word again – “I will kill you.” Everyone in the eatery watched on as he made his way for the door. Betty stood up in shame and pursued in anger as she flung her handbag at him to get his attention.

“Don’t you dare walk out on me? I tell you the truth, and all I get is this disgrace”, she yelled on. “Bitch, you should go to XYZ hotel right now and confirm that your bitch is fucking another man.”

John paused on motion as if he was being controlled by a game pad. Betty realizing that she had gotten his attention stopped shouting and burst in tears, “room 109 XYZ hotel. I am sorry John, but she is in love with another man. She was just being all dramatic to deceive you. She paid us to put up that show at your wedding, I am sorry.” She walked past him and waved down a bike.

John hit the car horn in anger, his eyes were shot red. He sped down to XYZ hotel; he needed to confirm that Betty was just blabbing. He soon reached traffic, and he decided to call Deji. He dialed his number but it was switched off. Then he went ahead to drop an instant message for him on BBM:

Hi bro

Betty said Denike is cheating on me

I am on my way to XYZ hotel, room 109.

Meet me there as soon as you get this, else I might kill someone.

He fumed at the fact that the messages didn’t deliver, and kept muttering abusive words to himself as he drove through the traffic.


Adenike rolled the sheet to cover their nakedness, and then placed a kiss on his lips as she spoke,

“This has to stop, I am a married woman now Ola.”

“You had a choice to abscond with me but you chose to marry him. You know what, let’s not discuss this. The future will sort out itself”, Ola said before going under the sheet to do some romantic justice to Adenike’s body. Moments passed and she reached yet another climax.

“I should get going now; my husband will be home anytime soon. I still have to attend to my marital duties.” She stood up beside him and walked into the bathroom.

John arrived at the hotel and searched for room 109 without the receptionist’s help. After few minutes of searching, he arrived in front of the room and his soul shivered when he heard the voice of his wife talking to another man. “Can you please turn on my phone?”  She said.

John hit the door with his left leg and fell inside the room, Ola and Nike screamed “JESUS!” They weren’t expecting anyone. John stood up to confirm his nightmare. He turned to see who the man that was doing his wife was, and they both screeched at the sight of each other, calling each other’s  name simultaneously, “ JOHN – OLADEJI.” Adenike hide her shame in the corner of the room.

“Deji, what have I done to deserve this? You are my best friend for Christ’s sake”, John said in tears and self-pity.

“I am sorry John but I love her. I have loved her all my life. Brother please forgive me.” Deji replied. At the sound of the word brother, John brought out a pistol.

“You dare call me your brother? You are a snitch!” At the sight of the gun, Deji packaged. John ordered Adenike to join him on the bed, and she obeyed without giving it a second thought.

“I thought Betty was the evil that needed to be eradicated. This gun was to threaten her or probably kill her. But no, my best friend is the enemy.” He aimed the gun at Deji as he spoke. Adenike held her head in both hands and whispered, “Deji, I am sorry.” John became distracted and that availed Deji the opportunity of pouncing on him as he hit the gun away from his hand. They fought and struggled for the gun, and after several moments of tussle John got the gun again. Deji wouldn’t give him a chance to aim at him, and so he held his hand and forced him to squeeze the trigger as they fired every bullet into space. When Deji was certain there was no bullet left in the gun he stopped struggling. They heard a scream as the door opened slowly. Betty held her son in her hands. He was hit by the bullet, and had kicked the bucket. She slowly whispered, “John, this is your son. You killed your son.” She released his body as she fell down on her face; she was also caught by the bullet. It pierced her lower abdomen, and was seriously bleeding out. Then, Deji screamed, “Adenike! No, don’t die on me.” The bullet caught her head.

*****THE END*****

*Betty survived; john got her to the hospital in time. She never walked again; the bullet was stuck in her spinal cord.

*Deji and John were charged for man slaughter, John was sentenced to life imprisonment while Deji got 17 years

*Adenike died on the spot.



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  1. *sigh* I always knew that deji and nike had something. World people and their wickedness! Paying pamilerin’s dad and betty was a very brilliant move by nike tho! Good story!

  2. Wow. Dis story ws very beautiful frm d beginning but i av to say d conclusion is bad. Thumbs up to you tho.. the story ws captivating. Its jst d end dat spoilt it

  3. I sha kno dat all dis Deji’s hav woman issues God wil hlp dem ooo!!!nd u nice name useage dere u hear…..I wil handle u l8r!!! Finally it has ended

  4. lmaoo nice twist mehhnnn!i love the story, wish it had a happier ending tho.#thesehoesaintloyal!

  5. y do u all wish for a happy ending? u should all know that life’s a bitch and it fucks whomever it wishes…

  6. huuh! the story is really cool… bt 4 john dat was sentenced to life imprisonment, it shud av been deji… i think nike deserved wat happened to her shaa…. the ending was cool too

  7. Wow dis story caught my heart. But holy shit d devil you know is better Dan d angel u don’t know

  8. Great story,got me captivated,he would have been single nd happy,relationship wahala sha,very sad ending.

  9. Good story man u killed it. It wld make a nice movie provided u get a good producer n director like all ds mainframe movies

  10. I wish Adenike dnt die. I wish she had an injury in her brain or something……. I loooooovvvvveeeeee sad endings to me they are realistic. Great piece

  11. From the moment she fainted upon seeing him.. smhBut y go through the trouble of paying Betty and Her ex though? Betty too is just utterly stupid, how on earth did she figure d right place to bring the child was the hotel room??

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