Our village people: The Concept

our village people concept

Let’s talk about the concept of our village people for a minute. And I don’t mean the joke that we now make out of and from it on social media. I’m talking about our village people before social media became a thing or before it became cool to make jokes with the phrase – Village People

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not myopic. I’m a hard worker but I can be spiritual. I can admit that many have blamed their village people for things they brought upon themselves through their decisions, activities and in-activities. Many were stagnant and poor because they let ignorance guide their path. Open-mindedness was not a thing for them – This is how we do it and so, we must keep doing it that way. Perhaps you need me to remind you of what is said about doing the same thing (the same way) and expecting a different result – madness. Some of our brothers and sisters could not imagine, they couldn’t see the world beyond their prism- a very small one. And you know how the universe works? You have to dream it, imagine it to achieve it. If you think it is impossible to be at a place in your life where you comfortably earn good and live a life of comfort while worshipping God and having peace, then maybe it will remain impossible for you. 

I know there is destiny. I am also learning the rules of engagement on earth; there are rules of engagement and if you seek, you will find. These rules go beyond being in church every Sunday. 

In essence, I know for a fact that for some, they were their own village people. 

But let’s back up a bit: remember I said I can be spiritual (I just laughed o, not sure why). And so, I know there are village people. 

Definition of Our Village People

Our village people are people who will go to any length to sabotage another’s success and growth because they cannot fathom the idea of the other person being better than them. It’s a complicated concept because, first they don’t see themselves rising above their immediate environment, then they don’t want another to rise above them and the same environment. It’s fueled by a delusion of mind that they have to be better than everyone else even when they have nothing to offer anybody. 

They want to be king of the jungle – lead without the values of leadership. So they will do anything to have you under their wings – to manipulate and control. For you to come back cap in hand – begging for your next meal. 

They will deploy every means necessary to achieve their goal. The irony is their inability to put in such effort into their personal development. This life na wa… 

Location of Our Village people 

Our village people do not necessarily reside in our villages – they are everywhere. It is a concept; when you think about the fact that everywhere is somebody’s village then it won’t be hard to understand that anybody can be “Our Village people”. They can be found in a village, City, workplace, Aso rock, etc. 

Characteristics of our village people


Just like the dictionary definition of lie – they make untrue statement with intent to deceive. Deception and manipulation is always their intent. They don’t own up to their limitations neither do they take responsibility 

They believe their lies

And this is the worse part – they believe their own lies. Omo! They are pathological liars! – a pathological liar tell lies and stories that fall somewhere between conscious lying and delusion. They lie without knowing they are lying because they believe their own lies.


They assume they know enough while they know nothing. At least not enough to make a well thought decision. Their self-deception limits them 

They don’t see their own flaws 

I mean, with all I have said, how can a pathological liar see his or her own flaw na? Think about it. They tend to see and vocalize everything they think to be wrong with the next person but can’t see theirs. Typical Matthew 7:5 

No problem solving skill

They claim to want to solve a problem but not interested in the root cause. “Oh I need this tree out of this space, so all you have to do is trim the branches”… Classic! I mean there are now cases of robbery in broad day light in Lagos state and many of these robbers use okada as a means of transportation to carry out these crimes. They tell you to ban okada while avoiding the real question which is; why is crime on the rise? 

Manipulation and gas lighting 

If they ever tell the truth, it’s for a reason – a selfish one. They never acknowledge their mistakes, never apologize – they make you question your memory and sanity.

Lack of innovation 

Innovation is difficult for our village people because, like I said, they are limited in their thinking. They believe they know and have seen it all. They dare not imagine.

Lack empathy 

They have trouble putting themselves in the shoes of another. If it didn’t happen to them, then it cannot happen. If they don’t feel the pain, it cannot be acknowledged. They lack the capacity to empathize with other people’s feeling, thereby coming off as insensitive and uncaring. Even when you insert them in a fictional scenario to help their understanding, e no dey work!


You can be sure to find them doing or in the midst of people who find pleasure in doing things that are morally unacceptable.


They have a sense of self-importance which leads to arrogance. Their ego has to be massaged. (please don’t mistake pride for ego)

Zero Planning 

LOL the word – plan, is alien to then. They are in a constant state of ‘anyhowness’. Nothing remotely close to a plan can be found in their abstract mind or on paper. They cruise on and along with life.

Lack the discipline to execute 

You wonder why I expect a person without the basic understanding of a plan to have the discipline to execute? Well, there are people who may not have the ability to come up with a good plan but when guided, they can execute a well laid out plan. Our village people cannot can.

Reap where they did not sow

This should be another classic. They are always available to take, take and take without contributing. Just give us our share – entitlement. “your online business must be taxed but I cannot provide you with basic infrastructure like power and internet” hohohohohoho Christmas is almost here

Communication is non existent

Our village people cannot read the room. They do not understand that communication is a two way street. They want to be heard while saying nothing. They make the loudest noise and are very disrespectful. They want respect but cannot give it. They hold on to cultures that should be recycled.

Having taken a bit of my time to explain the concept of our village people, how they function and where they can be found; I strongly believe that the set of people we have running the affairs of this country called Nigeria (at the moment) are our village people 

Handling our village people

So how did we handle our village people? 

If you meet anyone who believe they survived their village people and is kind enough to share how, they will tell you the following;

Plans – They made plans;

Just like everything in life, planning is crucial; from setting up a small business, to getting married and getting a degree. If we can collectively agree that we need to survive and succeed our village people in high places then we must have a plan. I dare say that being actively involved and participating in our civic responsibility must be part of that plan.


These plans were kept discreet until it became necessary to share. No one went to the market square to share their plan hence it reaches the ears of our village people. They share their plans with people and in places needed to execute them. They were strategic, not lousy. Many of us claim to have plans but we share them on social media via rants (e.g. twitter)


Many of them had to distance themselves from our village people. In this case, Japa if you can and seek help; ensure that home is at the back of your mind while you do. It will help you make decisions that will position you in places where you can advocate and demand for good governance for Nigeria.

And secondly, distancing yourself means that you do everything within your power to ensure that these village people do not kill you.


Oh they were modest – instead of using sentences like; we are here to disrupt the system, they will say, we are here to find better ways to make things work better and faster. Be unassuming and rejoice quietly.

Emotional intelligence;

Even when they did not have a term to define what was being done, it was done and applied. They applied emotional intelligence. They knew when to negotiate, appease, take the blame, accept victory, chose their battle, etc., while taking one step at a time to achieve their purpose.

Honestly, this blog post came to me while on my toilet seat at 5:30AM so take me serious at your own risk as I drive to my conclusion. 

The conclusion here being that, if you have the faintest thought that you might be battling your village people whether individually or collectively, you have to be wise about it and take the right step.

In the case of a collective battle; everybody cannot get it. There has to be someone, a group of people who will be determined to do the right thing and take the right steps. Please be part of those people in whatever capacity you can and go get your voters card.


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    1. This publication should go viral.
      The perception about our Village people, urban and rural is troubling and worrisome. We’ve lost our social heritage globally
      We all need a societal attitudinal change and it begins with you and I


  1. Wow. Been hearing this phrase. Though i understood it my way, you uave opened me to another persective in a very brilliant way. Welldone ? ? ? ? ?

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