#Poetry – Strong SHE

Elsie Godwin - Stronger SHE - Poetry - Elsieisy blog

That strong she 
You assume she can handle things until she fails
You assume she has it all figured out but she doesn’t 
You assume she has all the attention but she doesn’t 
You assume she doesn’t need you but she does 
You assume she is surrounded by many but even her shadow leaves 

She smiles 
She walks it all 
She is quietly mastering the art of being alone, swallowing her tears and biting her tongue.
She is strong…will always be strong
But her strength learns to be self-centered 
You confused her self centeredness and self love for selfishness and ego. 

But what is there not to be selfish? 
What is there not be be alone? 
At the end of the day, she knows she can only trust herself 
She knows that when she falls, she will have to pick her self up, “herself” 

She knows the pain of assumptions 
The type of pain the world is yet to discuss
The pain they are yet to acknowledge 
The pain of being whole in the eyes of many but you 
The pain of being enough, regardless. 
Being enough for you !

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