Stay With Me

by Richard Anietie

I recall less in my soul travail
The sorcery in his love often prevail
No deliverance, I care not if I derail
I am ambitious, but if you leave, then I fail
Charm me and with me you sail
Stay with me when I am naughty
Prove to me if love flows in your vain

Stay with me so my pains can pay
Scold me while my emotions are fake
Teach me while in pain else I regret
Let me learn lest I pay with heartbreak
Show me a little glimpse of true love
And even if you don’t, please stay with me

Where your heart breaks into love song
Where your brawl inspires me strong
But all I see is the love in your anger
And if you leave me, then I am shattered
When you are mocked by your lads
Please look into my eyes and see the love

Pardon the games i played you
Trust me, am a resigned athlete
And I am blind over the gains
But if I must play again my Darling,
Then I will play with you
Just to make sure you stay with me.

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