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A soldier dies, but no one bothers.They think that he gets paid for dying;And some ideologues argue thatA man with a gun should eventually die,While paying tribute to a terroristIn their impressive theoriesOn Jihad. Nothing new, only newsFor media and viewers that run between,Dissatisfied employees’ hectic schedulesAnd busy housewives’ soups break, andThe TRP fluctuates whenViewers’ fingers play channel switching. And some political leaders, meantimeSpeculate- how to make the death rather useful;And some like shrewd businessmenBecome busy estimating costs per body. The higher class doesn’t give a damn;The lower bothers about inflation,And middle class chooses the middle path:Investing emotions in creative writing,And common man waits for a biopic on a soldier.The price of a soldier increases after his death.The price of a soldier increases after his death. Click To Tweet

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  1. Death is a debt we all have to pay for in the long run regardless of our profession

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