Special characteristics of body and selection rules of women’s belt

women's belt

Women’s belt is an accessory that can easily emphasize all advantages and hide disadvantages of woman’s body. To make a choice of appropriate style for your body is not so easy, especially if it is not perfect.

Belt is not only an integral part of present fashions, but it is also necessary attribute of clothing, which emphasizes the elegance of clothes and special characteristics of body. It can be made of leather, suede, jeans, metal, beads and textile. Embellishment of belts can be very diverse: from a few beads to creative buckle. Women’s belt, compared to men, can be decorated almost like everything: ornaments, embroidery, sequins, studs, sequins or paillettes.

women's belt

Selection of belt according to destination

Belt is not just an accessory that can make woman more stylish, it also can make clothes brighter. Besides, belt is used as intended, for example, for holding pants or making clothes closer. It can be worn over clothing or a jacket. In the first case, it focuses attention on the beauty and the second – on functionality.

Special characteristics of body and selection rules

Many women think that they can’t afford to wear the belt. If there is absence of a thin waist or they have broad shoulders and narrow hips, then so popular accessory is not for them. But professionals confidently offer belts and straps, braided and textile belts for everyone without exception. They persuade that women’s belt organically combines with any type of body.

women's beltWomen who have a little tummy should give preference to classical belts and wear them on their hips. Such a decision will make your shape more elegant and can attract more attention to the interesting and stylish accessory than a small disadvantage of your body. Preference should be given to richly decorated models with unusual patterns belts buckles, as well as bright colors, contrasting with the clothes.

Women with large breasts and wide hips should pay attention to thin models of belts. Thin belt profitable emphasize the waist and visually make a graceful figure, will give the image of femininity and style.

It doesn’t matter what belt you have chosen, it is necessary to remember that you shouldn’t fix it at the waist and give a little bit freedom to it and then the figure will look balanced.

Small women should not choose massive belts, the most right choice is to give preference to thin girdle, and wear them clearly on the waistline. Models from the leather of exotic animals will become the center of the ensemble and can make you visually taller. It is necessary to choose the model refined with original buckles, which are not massive and not too oversaturated by decor.

Obese women should consider other rules. Not to give preference to contrast straps. They often just need to wear a trouser belt or elastic strap for comfort. However, this accessory should be inconspicuous, not to stand out, do not share the figure visually. Contrasting colors, spectacular decorations are not suitable. It is better to choose a convenient and practical belt which suits to the color of clothing. Perhaps the most successful could be combination belt, sewn from pieces of different colors, combined with the clothes.

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