These Lundí Smart Boots Will Warm Up Your Cold Feet

These Smart Boots Will Warm You Up Your Cold Feet

A new “smart boot” can warm up cold feet, thanks to a built-in heating system controlled by a smartphone app.Called the “world’s first luxury heated smart boots,” the footwear will work with both iOS and and Android headsets, connecting over Bluetooth.According to a report by Yahoo, Wearers of the Lundí boots can adjust the temperature of the smart footwear by using a temperature slider on the mobile app.The makers says the boots will warm up in less than a minute, depending on how cold it is outside.The warmth comes from a heating element embedded within flexible cushions in the boots.The battery is said to last for seven to eight hours, and can be wirelessly charged using a special boot shaper that is similar to the cardboard inserts supplied with most new boots. It takes around 1.5 hours to fully charge the battery, makers say.

Crafted from leather, the boots include a covered wedge heel and are water-resistant, while the heating system is entirely waterproof.

The makers of the Lundí smart boots are seeking funding. Early purchase cost $649.

Once the high-tech boots go into production, the full price will be $775.

If the funding target is reached, the first boots are due to be ready in November 2016.

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