My Almost Rape Story – Olutayo Abiola

My Almost Rape Story - Olutayo Abiola

One of the amazing features Facebook has is the memory reminder. Every day, the platform reminds you of posts you shared years back on Facebook for the particular day, more like – Today in history.

Sometimes, the reminder is the most inspiring part of the day. You get to see what you posted years ago and of course, it brings back beautiful memories. It also helps you see how far you have come.

Yesterday, Facebook alerted me of the day’s reminder and it was a true life story I shared. The story is one of the many posts other bloggers and I shared on our various blogs to campaign against rape. Most of these bloggers already left the blogging hustle…it’s not easy my people but I am sure they have moved on to something beautiful as well.

The story is my personal almost rape experience. Click here to read.

I re-shared on my wall which encouraged the Abiola to share her almost rape story. If you have a near rape experience, please do share with us by sending it via mail to

I believe that is another form of fighting the horrible situation. People can always learn from your experience, thereby escaping the trauma of being raped.

Read Abiola’s almost rape story below:

Hi, I’m Olutayo Abiola but I am referred to more as IyunAde, here’s my almost rape story

It was just one of those ordinary boring  days at school (I had just gotten into SS1 and I was a day student), It was a Tuesday so I went to church to meet my parents for Digging Deep. I was famished, got home changed out of my school uniform, and headed to join my mum and dad to eat. I had barely taken the second spoonful of rice when these men burst into the house. Covered faces, guns and machetes in hand, barking orders like they owned the place which they did for the moment. They asked for my phones, unfortunately my phone was in my room and one of the goons followed me into my room, threw me on the ground, machete in hand, slap my midriff with his machete and asked me to undress.

I was gone, at that moment I was shattered, I started to remove my trousers and lying on the floor with tears streaming down my face, I thought to myself “This is the end”. My first suicidal thought came that day. In minutes that seemed like hours, he was hovering over me with his belt buckle removed, all of a sudden, his mates came over with my parents and locked us all in the same room. The distraught look on my father’s face finding me pants down was even demoralizing. After they had gone, they kept asking “hope they didn’t touch you”, I couldn’t say anything, I had a dazed look on my face.

Weeks later, I felt like everybody knew what happened to me, like I was stained. Over time I buried it, somewhere in my subconscious. What I didn’t know then was that an almost rape situation was just as much an invasion of your body and it would have done me a lot of good to talk about it.

All I can say is I’m grateful it didn’t happen but I wish the whole scenario never occurred as it became engraved in my mind

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