“We Have an Epidemic of Lack of Love” – Kimesha Coleman

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An award winning self-esteem enhancement expert, Kimesha Coleman, is an uncommon mentor who specializes in helping women discover their life purpose, achieve desired goals, and boost self-confidence. In this interview with ELSiEiSY Blog, she talks about her experience with abuse and living the good life. At the center of her motivation is women and children who have survived abuse and deserve a good life.

 Read her interview with ELSiEiSY blog below:

 Tell us a bit more about yourself and your interests.

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I am a single mother of three children, two boys and a girl. I love to learn, read books, and playing board games with my children.

You specialize in self-esteem coaching, particularly towards women. Why did you choose to focus on this area? 

As I was going through my own process of healing after abuse, I realized that most of my past experiences were connected to low self-esteem. This same energy I could see in the eyes of so many of the women in my family, women I worked with, and others I crossed paths with. Self-esteem is a very important factor when it comes to making decisions in your life. It’s like a treasure chest full of valuable resources but too often we allow people to rob us of our valuable treasure and even give it away in hopes of being loved.

 Why should people come to you for coaching? What experience will they have with you that they won’t have with other coaches or motivational speakers?

Individuals will experience a real connection, one on one support directly from me, and weekly accountability calls. There are a lot of coaches out there, but very few deliver results. Holding the individual accountable and encouraging them to take the right actions based on their goal is a crucial step in being successful. I’m here to help people, especially the abused. I help women grow and transform their lives into something unrecognizable by tapping into those hidden beliefs that keep them stuck in the same relationships, business ventures, and career.

What has been your impact level so far? Any outstanding success stories you want to share?

My target audience is women but I have a special space for men. A gentleman in his late 50s who pretty much struggled his entire life with womanizing, cheating, passive aggressive behavior, and extreme fear of abandonment is now able to see the value of women so he doesn’t need to have more than one. He now respects and values his own body to the point he will only sleep with one woman and the fear of abandonment has resolved all due to mastering self-esteem. His testament is “I’ve always wanted to feel this way”.

You are currently running a project “Good Life”, can you tell us what it is about?

The Good Life Tour is about living a life of happiness and love despite what you’ve gone through. I’m a survivor of child molestation, teen dating violence, and domestic violence and for a large part of my life I suffered in silence and carried the sadness around with my every day. We all have experienced loss, breakup, divorce, or even abuse at some point in our life. I found that when we do, we stop living and look for distractions to make us temporarily feel better. The Good Life is a life of meaning and purpose that collects happy, loving, and successful experiences on a daily basis. This is the good life.

What is your strongest motivation?

I think about the women and child that did not survivor their circumstances. The survivors I see crying in the audience that rush up to hug me and how much my children admire me and what I do. This is my motivation to continue sharing my story, mentoring, and advocating for change.

At what point in your life did you realize you were going to become a Coach/Motivational Speaker? Was there an experience that led to this career path?

I’m a believer. In 2008, I was given a vision that I would be speaking among a group of people, which blew me away. At that time in my life I was very timid, withdrawn, shy, and anti-social. In all honestly, I didn’t want to be in the spotlight. But as I began my healing journey, I knew there were more just like me that may need these same tips and strategies. I started mentoring at Genesis Women’s Shelter, Hope’s Mansion, and at Concord Church and really felt fulfilled and joy afterwards. I later joined Toastmaster so I could learn to speak publicly and the very first time I told my story a lady invited me out to speak to a group of over 50 women. That day I realized that the vision that was given to me a few years prior was now actually happening and I haven’t stopped since. I really love what I do.

What do you hold to be true that many other people do not agree with?

We don’t have an epidemic of domestic violence, we have an epidemic of the lack of love. More importantly the love for one self.

A color we’ll never find you wearing.

This is funny. I would say dark brown doesn’t look well on me.

What projects do we expect from you? What are you working on? And how can you be reached?

You can expect more self-help books and online courses. My latest book “Pretty On Pretty Off” will be released this fall, which demonstrates my harrowing encounters with toxic relationships, the crippling aftermath, and growing through pains which lead to my success.

You can contact Kimesha Coleman, follow her or see what she is working on at:

Email: kc@coachingbykimesha.com

Website: www.coachingbykimesha.com

Twitter: @kimeshacoleman

Facebook: kimeshacoleman

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