My daughter was molested at school, what do I do?

my daughter was molested at school

I got a message on my whatsapp this afternoon that really should be shared which is what I am doing at the moment – sharing!

Cases of child molestation have been greeting us daily on news platforms.

Child sexual abuse or child molestation is a form of child abuse in which an adult or older adolescent uses a child for sexual stimulation

I remember a colleague of mine asked me if the case increase daily and what the cause of the sudden outbreak might be.

The truth is, these things happen and have been happening for long, the only difference from now and then is 1. We have social media and 2. People are beginning to talk about these things.

Read below:

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In my opinion, sacking this man is not the only action meant to be taken. I cant even begin to imagine how many other children the man must have molested and many more he still would. He is contemplating taking legal actions against him. As much as I detest rapists and child molesters, I believe it’s time we go back to the drawing board. How do we treat these monsters? Can they be helped?

According to an assessment published on ncbi, titled ‘Mental Health Assessment of Rape Offenders’, 2013, “There is an urgent need for development of methods of assessment and management of sex offenders (rapists, child sex offenders, other sexual offenders, and murderers) to mount a society-wide battle against the scourge of sexual offences”

The assessment carried out in India stated that “Extensive research over the past 3 decades (and more) suggests that several mental health issues underlie sexual violence and offending, particularly rape.”

After sexual offenders are caught and prosecuted, what next? Are they sent for rehabilitation or they are just left to serve their term and then sent back to us the public?

Do we have organisations that can handle both ends – the victim and the monster?

There should be better care for rape victims and also a system to help the ‘helpable’ monsters…cos no be all headache paracetaomol dey cure

If you have any information on any agency or legal bodies that can take up this case in Lagos Nigeria, please do send a mail to or

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  1. Child molestation is purely criminal, it should be treated as such.

  2. I admire that little girl for being able to narrate the story, I’m once a victim when I’m so young but because of lack communication with my parents I keep mute. Such a man need to be arrested as soon as possible, let him been detained till the case is justified.

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