The Ex Factor – 19

The Ex Factor - elsieisy blog

The longer the truth takes to be let out, the more the damage lies must have caused in the meantime. Dave took a glance at the wall clock for the third time. 9:15PM “And why isn’t she picking up her calls for crying out loud?” He... Read More

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More than an ex


Dear Vivian, Yes, I chose to call you Vivian today. Maybe because it’s Sunday and I don’t want to term you ‘ Ex ‘. I’ve missed you a whole lot Vivian. I saw two people today who looked like lovers while coming back from... Read More

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The Red Thread

The Red Thread - art - elsieisy blog

by Dawn Wilson. “Mummy, tell me the story of the red thread. It was bed time but little Ose was far from tired. Burrowing deeper under the covers, she made room for her mother to get into bed with her. Not one to say no to anything Ose asked for, a... Read More

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