She’s causing me unbearable pain, what should I do?

unbearable pain

Good morning Elsieisy. I’ve been in a relationship for almost 3yrs now. Everything was very rosy for the first 18months after which I started having problems. I met her during my final year in school but then, she was a fresher. During the first 3months of our relationship, she turned down suitors who came for her hand in marriage all because of me which made her family to know about our relationship and since then, I’ve been like a part of the family. She even said she cannot marry another man except me. But now, it seems the feeling is no longer there.

The problem started when I traveled to Abuja to see my parents during the strike. She cried and never wanted me to go beacuse she said she would miss me yet didn’t want to go with me cause of reasons best known to her.

She stayed back in school and two days later, she told me she met a guy who bears my name and has been keeping her company. I didn’t suspect anything because I trusted her but I only told her to be careful and not misbehave which she promisedI began to smell rat when she spent about a week without traveling yet doing nothing in school which made me threaten to tell her parents . And she had to travelsince then, she’s been with the guy and anytime I talk about it, she tells me he’s just a friend. It got to a stage that the guy had to lie to her that a lady came to my house when she traveled and spent the night just for us to break up for him to have his way only for my girl to believe him and she almost called off

She treats me anyhow she likes and even goes out with men despite my warnings. But note that for almost 3yrs we’ve been together, I’ve never cheated on her, I don’t even have friends because she tells me she doesn’t like the female friends I had and that I should call them in her presence and tell them to leave us alone that they are disturbing our relationship which I gladly do. But whenever I tell her to stop her friendship with any of her male friends, she tells me she can’t do it that she cannot leave them.

I’m worried and confused because I love her and wish to marry her which we’ve both planned. But my problem is that she’s causing me unbearable pain. Please what should I do?

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  1. You dated a child and she’s still yet to grow up. Give her space and watch her actions, with time you’ll realize that the earlier you move on, the better for you.

    1. True talk elantraceey …she is still a child who just wanna v fun.. perhaps she wasn’t free at home and now dat she is far from her home she wanna v enuf fun dats explain y she dos not want to go home… My advice for u is to give her some space.. allow her make and learn from her mistakes .and u should move on.. it’s obvious she is gonna break up with u soon so u should get prepared for dat

  2. Una Don marry? Guy relationship is not a do or die affair , she’s obviously not interested again. So free her abeg

  3. They are many fishes in the river my friend….lemme tell you the truth she is inlove with the other guy…leave her and go get anoda..dont kill your self untop one woman…even if you kill your self she won’t show @your funeral sef….abeg Go to the river and get another fish

  4. some girls are like that…. you don’t claim to know them extremely until they are fully exposed..Better you seat her down and have a deep discussion with her to see either you people have a future together or not.

  5. Have you paid her bride price? if no, then why behaving like you own her.See bro, you ve got to move, on and move on fast, I know its not easy, buh you’ve got to tryTry to imagine life when you haven’t met. of course you lived nowYou are even lucky she behaved that way , before you decide to settle down with her.What if you ve gotten married to her.Just move on,in no distant time, you will find love again

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