She Said NO!

Day 4: #SayNoToRape She said noIt meant no, and not yesYou grabbed her hairAnd tore her dress.And bruised her flesh.What you didn’t knowWas the gaping hole you left in her soul.What you didn’t know…Daddy was never aroundMother said he was in heavenGrandma said he was in hellYears ago, like you todayViolence had conceived youYour mothers freedom to chooseTaken from her.Bruised. Humiliated. Denied. Abandoned. Then you.She would swear she taught you better.Respect. Especially for a woman’s choice.Self-control. Because that is how men ruled the world.Love. Because it isn’t forceful, nor violent and never about sex.She said no.It meant no, and not yes.You grabbed her hairAnd tore her dress.And the demon, the hate, the evilThat conceived youWas in manifest.How do you look at yourself in the mirror and not cringe?There are guns, and knives.Then there is your penis, and your mind.She said no. It meant no. And not yes.sha said no Written by Caleb Olorunmaiye@_ceefour Today is day Four of the #SayNoToRape campaign presented by a group of young talented writers from #Bloggersville. Kindly subscribe to this blog via mail for easy sharing. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.Join our BBM channel. Channel pin: C002984DE or just search “elsieisy”Got something you want us to talk about or feel like sharing?? Send your topics/articles to or .. Anonymous or decide

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