SEX Therapy

HALO! So this is a matured discussion from a matured group. If you are under aged please exit NOW!

OK, you are still here? learn this and stop having a boring sex life. 😉

sex therapyGUYS – Just because you’re pumping fast doesn’t mean you’re fucking her good. 😐 You have to please that pussy, and ramaaya- araama very nice & slowly

LADIES – Don’t just lay there screaming like a helpless, paralyzed person get up on that sweet dick & show him that there ain’t no pussy better than yours

GUYS – Stop fucking around, look for a decent girl that fits your personality, sizes your propeller  or style & get married. I know its tough but at least try & live responsible!!!

GUYS – Masturbation is wrong. It destroys dick muscles & would make u impotent or cause quick ejaculation.

LADIES – Always talk dirty to your man, it drives them crazy (Guys Love Bitches♥♥). Say something like “baby, my pussy is all wet in there, come get it“.. Even if d dude is at work, he’ll wrap it up fast & rush home.

GUYS – Don’t play songs if you can only make it through two tracks 😐

LADIES – The more spit on the dick, the better the blow job.  And try roll your hands up and down the dick like fikwufikwu.. You know naaaaa

GUYS – Stay away from sex  for  about one or two weeks & see how the sex would be.. Always figure out the style that makes her cum & always use that to satisfy her….

GUYS – Don’t just leave her like a piece of wood after spilling all that in to her, cuddle her & tell her how sweet or bad she tasted after pumping into her and girls try to respond with good kiss and nipple touches… Men appreciates that.

LADIES – Be flexible. Guy like it when u think outside d box

GUYS – Avoid some words during sex. THERE’S MORE TO SEX THAN JUST FUCKING, SEX IS SENSUAL & EMOTIONAL. Ten minutes of multiple orgasm is better than three hours of no cum and dry ikwokirikwo – Dry ikwokirikwo,damages d pelvis and puts the bed through worthless hardship.

GUYS – Stop asking that awkward absurd stupid question … “Was I good, how did I do????”

LADIES –  Don’t be afraid to get freaky, the guy is always more freaky than you are. Working your body to the rhythm,sometimes turn him on his back, get on top and screw the life outta his brains. Let me see that chic that’ll catch his attention. She must  have been coached by Maheeda, Jada fire, Lisa Ann , Naomi banks and em lot all in one

GUYS – Study your girls body like a scientist. Listen and be vigilant to even the little twitches, it just might be your key to unlocking that pump of sweet gushes – the Key to squirting

GUYS AND LADIES –  Hypocrisy and being judgmental helps you not. Better be open minded and ready to communicate which ever way possible, whenever and wherever. Never assume your partner knows or doesn’t know, wants or doesn’t want, can or cannot. Sometimes the best way to ask, is to act and show it

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    1. Well, you should give us your own view as a sexiologist. Would have been nice to hear what you think. \nBut you’re even anonymous 🙂

  1. One little hint for ladies who find it hard to reach orgasm. Try fucking in unusual places..backseat of a car,a room with open curtains where u might probably be seen..finger-fuck in a cinema all etc..the results might shock you

  2. Nice piece for matured minds. Foreplay is totally underused. I could be a culprit on this crime sometimes,most guys are,we are ususally too quick to pull off, and dig in.Ladies should help with this at times cos when they take the lead,it easily slows things down.This has to be a gradual ease-in. The excitement can cause a surge and a quick plunge might end the brunch quicker than you’ve had enough time to savour the crunch..

  3. It becomes better when you guys cuddle after a great sex, and have a conversation.. You’d arrive at solutions and the relationship becomes adventurous.. Once in a while, read her erotica, and see porn 2geda.. It makes it even better.. + try sex in a bath tub or by the pool side… Den jump in water.. YєρaяipɑChα!!!!!!!!

  4. Please I’m a virgin, not to talk of a total believer, I bind,bound,cast,casted and casting all of you….. Its so painful I can’t practice all lack of boo cause am. Nice one Elsie.

  5. Nice piece….nothing gives man pleasure than a woman who can ride n appreciate his dick! LADIES RIDE ON DEM MEN…

  6. I think the convo after sex could just be perfect if the right words are said or akward depending on who and wat the talk is

  7. A good piece, especially when you are either single or just newly wedded But too much emphasis should not be made on sex, positions, what to say etcThe build up to sex is most times more important than the act itselfSending your man raw messages at work has it upsides as well as its downsides, what if he were preparing for presentation? Messages like that really tinker with the mind and composureYou never mentioned how couples with kids, can achieve all you wrote aboutDid you consider a mother with kids, after a full day, now comes home or settles down to fulfill her conjugal duties?Or don’t you expect married couples with kids to read this?The article is not badHelps younger ones get some tipsBut i feel more research needs to be carried out, to cover more areas, and more readers.

  8. Dear This is a nice write up. Its the best thing for good relationship. Best enjoyed when both parties r emotionally involved. Also important for d parties to speak out where satisfaction n expectation r not met in sex n foreplay. By n large, the build up b4 sex is more important n satisfying dan d sex itself. Raw talk makes d ladies get wet easily, get men arouse too. Makes u imagine b4 experiencing. Key word-the parties must be emotionally prepared to enjoy d fun. Mood is important tooLove y’all

  9. after all said and done, Guys na who get money, na him e prick dey stand oooo. if u no get money, let ur prick lay low. to avoid waste of energy .

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