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It’s been a week since Aunty Onos left for her trip, it was a Saturday morning, after a very hectic Friday that drained me. I decided to take the whole morning off. Hunger woke me up late that afternoon and since my aunty wasn’t around I had not bothered to look at what was in the kitchen

Chai I exclaimed as I looked at empty cupboards and all I saw was raw foods and nothing to cook them with.

I put on some clothes and stepped out to the estate to look for some ingredients to whip myself some meal. Some jollof rice won’t be bad at this point as I wanted to give myself a treat and get set to watch football match by 5PM then go out for night duties.

As I got to the mini market down the street, I had finish buying what I needed and was about to pay when someone tapped me from behind


“Hey Hey Hey”, I Said. I had forgotten her name and I was really struggling because she was so gorgeous and too many things

Whats up now? How is your sister?

She is fine”, she chuckled. “She laughed when I told her what you said

Haha Has She Left?

Nope, next week.”


What you doing here?” she asked

“Oh I just want to make something for myself I’m hungry”


Wait, why did you say noodles?”

She laughed, “You are a guy, most likely noodles

“Haha Well it depends on the hunger level. I believe noodles is for lazy people”

“You Do?”

“Oh yes I do”

I’m guessing you can cook then?

Of course I can, infact I’m about to make Jollof it will be the best concortion rice you will ever eat

She Laughed

Just give me your number I will call you when I’m done so that you can come experience it

She Laughed, Okay Then

I gave her my phone and as she typed her number I prayed hard for her to type her name because I still have forgotten what her name was

She didn’t actually type it

Okay I will call you as she paid for her stuff and she left I stared for a while and paid for mine and then made my way home

Got Home and I started preparing my concortion rice. I have never tested my cooking abilities, I was the cook among my group of friends

I actually was not even making the food for her anymore, I was hungry. The Food was cooked and almost time for football

So I sent her a text that the food was ready. I didn’t want to call her still because I couldn’t remember her name

My Phone rang

I’m at your gate

Okay I’m coming

I opened the gate and again for the second time in a day she stunned me with her beauty. She actually changed her clothes and smelled so good. I was wondering why she was going through all this stress just to come taste my food

She made her way to the sitting room, and sat on the couch as I went to the kitchen to dish her food

I dished hers along with a chilled glass of juice

I was already eating before you called”, I said

You could not even wait for me”, She replied

“I was hungry.”


“Why?? Didn’t you eat yesterday?”


Nope I came back late was too tired


It’s actually very nice she said, the food is nice

Isn’t that the best Concortion rice you have ever had?


No it actually isn’t

Oh For real


Yes You Haven’t tasted mine, maybe one of these days I will come make you my Nnenna Special Concortion rice

Yess Finally her name

Nnenna Is her name

She got up to take her plates to the kitchen and dropped it. I was still watching the match and I was thinking she must be wanting to leave

She wasn’t complaining so I guessed she was okay

The match ended

And she said “finally!”

I Laughed, You don’t like football I guess??

Not that I don’t like it, I Just don’t get why guys are so passionate about it? Like your life depends on it.

I didn’t know what to tell her, because explaining to girls why football is life is actually a waste of time

Well you can never understand

“Then make me” she said

When I figure a way to do that you will be the first I will try it on

She laughed

Don’t get me wrong,

Okay I Said

There is nothing wrong with football, but the way you guys are passionate about it, If only guys are as half as passionate as that to their Girlfriends

I knew you were gonna say that, But it’s not true though


A girl should not be comparing herself to a sport, it’s not like they play the ball every day you know, you girls are just self-centred

She laughed again, well that’s true but sometimes it’s annoying and you guys make it too obvious

I Laughed

Come and show me a tour of your house now,

Oh Okay

The Only Place you will need a tour of is my Bedroom because that’s where I spend most of my day

She Giggled Okay lets go

My room was not in too much of a mess because I haven’t been in it for a while, she made her way and sat on the bed and was staring at my book collection

“You read books?”

“Yes, Horror and Fiction I’m not into romantic books”

Why?” She Asked.

Not My Thing,

Do you have movies on your laptop?

Yeah I do

Please don’t tell me they are all action and horror too? She asked

I Laughed and said “No

Come and show me where it is?

The laptop was on her lap and as I wanted to carry it she held my hand and then I kissed her

I retreated for a while and paused and was hoping for insults and slaps

Then she kissed me back

I was shocked and happy at the same time

We started kissing as my hands went straight to her ass, she pushed me on the bed, Kissed on her neck and started kissing her all over. She started moaning slowly

I pulled off her shirt and kissed on top her breast as I took off her bra, sucked on one of her nipple as I played with the other one with my hands

She then took off her Jeans Herself

I’m So Wet”, she said as she took off her jeans… I turned her face down on the pillow and hit it from behind

As she moaned harder I hit harder and spanked harder

She Moaned on and On

We moved to the bathroom and did it again in the shower, we were in the bed together and we haven’t said a word to each other

I didn’t know what to say

I didn’t know what to say? I didn’t even know whether this was a one night stand I knew she was gorgeous and I just had sex and I can’t judge her for that

What if she actually doesn’t have a boyfriend and she is looking for love? But is sex actually proof of love? Maybe, or is it that she loves me that’s why she did all this

Or Maybe She has a boyfriend and she just wants to have fun, you can never trust these girls sometimes.

What Do I Know?? I’m just a cab man and its almost time for work.

Her Phone rang

Hello ma

Okay Ma I’m coming

My Mum, She is back

Okay Okay I said as she dressed up

I escorted her to the gate

I will call you I Said

Okay Bye


I showered and dressed up as it was almost 6PM started my cab and headed for the Island

*Tunes Radio* DJ Clock- Remember You Ft Beatenberg

 Sir Jaydee

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