Podcast: Dear Ladies! Its 2016! Do Something!

Podcast: Dear Ladies! Its 2016! Do Something!

Hi there,On today’s podcast, I had to come down a bit hard on ladies but believe me when I say it is necessary. I hear and read a lot daily and it hurts the ears/eyes.  Now imagine what it does to my head…LOLDear Ladies! Its 2016! Do something!Well, please do listen and share as many times as possible and also to who it may concern. Bless upTo reach me for opinion, suggestions and for #AskElsie, do send a mail to elsieisy@gmail.com or email@elsieisy.comClick play and listen, Click download and listen, just listen below:

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  1. So so true…i don’t think any man is looking for a liability and the sooner women start to step up for themselves better for them

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