Safe Sex means great sex; is anyone still in doubt?

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Hey Shugafam! MTV Shuga is here again and we can’t contain our excitement, so much to look forward to and learn.

The thing about Sex is that most young adults know it can be good when you are doing it with the right person, however for it to be right you have to keep it safe. Remember the case of Tobi in Season 4? Tobi knew all about safe sex which he initially practiced with Princess, although Tobi later found himself in a situation where he didn’t use a condom and he was very disappointed in himself.

The fact still remains that Condoms are the only way to protect yourself when having sex.

Always let your partner know how important safe sex is to you, then they’ll get it and it’ll be important to them too. There’s no need to dive into sex if you’re not going to keep it safe, it’s not worth the consequences in the end.

We can’t wait to see how Season 6 unfolds with all the twists and drama, will the young adults be more aware of safe sex? Or will they just have sex because of momentary pleasures?

Only time will tell, March 6th is just around the corner for the new MTV Shuga Season 6. #NothingStaysTheSame


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