Road to 2023; Managing Expectations

Hi there, it is another Friday (oops, another drama).

This week, we were served with political gbas gbos, leadership embarrassment, and alliance seeking. The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) is still on strike and other sectors are threatening industrial action. For a brief moment, the nation was plunged into darkness as angry electricity workers turned off the light switch.

The aviation sector is battling its own set of challenges too, affecting both local and international flights. From the high cost of aviation fuel to the inability to repatriate trapped funds. Even members of the animal farm were well represented as termites got accused of consuming vouchers worth over N17.1bn. 

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress, paid a visit to a former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. The Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi, visited Femi Kuti days after the musician was alleged to have said he wasn’t part of the ‘Obidient’ movement. 

As we endure Nigeria toward 2023, it is important for each and everyone of us, regardless of our preferred candidate, to manage our expectations for the sake of our mental health. For the first time in a long time, no one really knows who is likely to be the next elected President of Nigeria come 2023.

If we all agree that politics is a game, then there must be winners and losers. The winners or losers in this case will not just be candidates but their supporters and investors. We can only hope that whoever wins has got the best interest of all Nigerians and Nigeria at heart and will, hopefully, be surrounded by the right set of people to get the job done.

So here are a few things you should constantly remind yourself of in preparation for 2023 results:

  • You are Nigeria — There can only be one president per time and there are over 200 million Nigerians, of which you are part of. If you include the members of the House of Representatives, the National Assembly, LGAs, Commissioners, and Ministers, they are not up to 1% of Nigerians.  Therefore, making Nigeria great again is our responsibility as a people
  • After Politics Comes Governance — Leadership is not just about the president, nor does it end at the polling booth. After Politics comes Governance. This is where it becomes your responsibility to hold the elected officials accountable. As you vote for your preferred candidate, educate yourself enough to understand what the law says with respect to accountability and your rights as a citizen of Nigeria.
  • Be the needed Value — Which ever of Kwankwaso, Atiku, Tinubu, or Obi wins, you will be alright. You always survive and this time won’t be different. As you campaign for your preferred candidate, remember to work on yourself and upskill. There are roles waiting to be filled and new opportunities opening up as we embrace remote work culture and new digital frontiers. Think Nigeria, but think you first. Be the value that people are searching for…the value needed for the required change.
  • With so many challenges come opportunities — Train yourself to see opportunities in challenges by having a positive outlook and asking the right questions; how, why, where, when, and what.

“When things do not go your way, remember that every challenge — every adversity — contains within it the seeds of opportunity and growth.” – Roy T. Bennett.

  • Love your country — you might think it is unreasonable for me to expect you to love a country like Nigeria but you have to. Nigeria remains a strong part of your identity and hating it means hating and harming yourself and your roots. Whether you decide to leave or remain in Nigeria, you will always be a Nigerian. And it was Barrack Obama who said that ‘in the face of impossible odds, people who love a country can change it.’ Love yourself enough to love your country and be the change you want to see.

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  1. When things fall apart everyone suffers.
    Africa needs Nigeria to be successful then Africa can develop fast in all dimension ie sports, science and technology.

  2. Great advice for the time. Of the highlighted events of the week, the one that baffled me the most is tht of the 17.1 billion Naira missing voucher. One would expect them to know that they are talking to people living in the 21st century where hard copies of files are almost extinct. Everything has gone digital. For a said national document of that importance to not have a digital copy is enough to jail the person’s involved for life, on crimes of stealing and deception. And they will be carrying secretaries and PA’s with big salaries, who work with laptops and internet enabled devices, up and down to their false meetings. Am even angry typing this as it’s hard to even identy as Nigerian. The shame in the international community and the bash from being Nigerian because of all these set of failed leaders is becoming unbearable. I doubt if there is any African currency our Naira beat in rate. Let’s just hope we get governance right in the coming elections, because if I had my way emm, I go japa leave Naija oh. I don tire.

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