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The fugitives (cringe worthy word but then that is really what they are now) manage to hitch a boat ride after spending the night on the sea floating on debris from the ship.

Michael recalls conversations with Jacob who boasts about knowing everything about him and even his visits to the zoo, he shows Michael into a secret room he has in the University where he works as a professor and his base of operation. He convinces him to to enlist David Martin (Whip).

Dialogue Credit Jacob (Poseidon) and Michael.

J: If you are planning something, I will always be one step ahead of you, I see everything in your eyes.

M: Its what is behind the eyes trhat counts, Professor.

At Marseille Michael receives texts from Sarah  and discovers that it was someone else that was using the phone as soon as he sees a message saying “Mike Jnr”.

Turns out Jacob has her phone and has Sarah probably tied up and locked up, Mike shows another brilliant talent in art as he draws a ship that turned upside down is also a treasureb map.(But please can they not even think of doing another series featuring Mike as the main actor, Please).

Linc tells Michael about his problem with John Abruzzi’s son about a smuggling operation he screwed up because he found out he was smuggling drugs. They get him to help them get in promising to pay him off. News about them filters into Marseille and they leave in a hurry for New York.

Jacob tells the twins of coolness that Michael was coming back for Sarah and Mike, he reveals to them that the analyst Sara met at the University was actually also a rogue agent working for him *rolls eyes* (like I didn’t know already), Theroux shows them that Michael used that photograph message he sent back in the desert to send the pictures of the murder of the CIA operative Gaines that implicated him.

Michael writes out an instruction for Martin  to go to Chicago where he already sent T-Bag a message about needing him to take a life.

21 Void tracks Michael’s phone to a Plane but turns out Sucre was there as decoy and Michael flies into New York via the Wilmort airport.

They meet Luca Abruzzi where they use C-Note and Sheba who camoflague as DEA operatives to scare them away and get to  be rid of him for the moment, then he tells C-Note to leave the scene as his part is done.

Dialogue credit; Sheba.

S: They may know his face but not mine, it’s the ounch ypou don’t see coming that knocks you out.

They visit the house and Michael discovers that Jacob had been intercepting the letters he had been sending Sara and dumping them, he confirms that Sara is alive as he arranges to meet at a resturrant only she can know as Jacob still has her phone. They beat 21 Void in a game of survelance and they get to mark Jacob’s car and trail him to an empty alley where he dumps the car and Michael finds  a drawing he assumes its Mike’s and translates it as a map. Linc kisses Sheba (I want to unsee this!) and sends her back to her family.

Martin finds that Michael had sent him to retrieve some container that has blood in it, meanwhile T-Bag is also there as he had been sent by Michael  and they meet and introduce themselves as father and son! Wow! (I didn’t see this one coming I swear). T-Bag, daddy figure!?

Back in Ithaca, Michael rushes in to find Mike as he thinks he seems him screaming when he sees Sara, but he tells him he didn’t draw the map. A&W comes into the room (She had won a wig to look like Sara from behind), she points a gun and shoots and blood stains the glass window.

Meanwhile, Luca finds LInc and shoots him while he is in the car waiting.

PS: Since I know that the producers and writers lack balls, I can say with assurance that neither Michael nor Linc woulkd die. Though they are trying to make it seem like that to viewers as gullible as Sara. Only one more episode? When things just got exciting?

by Obinna Jones

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