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T-Bag shows Sara the pictures and tells her he heard them mention her name and Michael’s, she runs to get her son.


Meanwhile, Michael, Ja, Sid, Whip and Lincoln are now most wanted men in Sana’a by ISIL militants and they have a price tag of ten million Rial on their heads. They hole up in an abandoned basement and Lincoln asks Michael to explain everything that has been going on, he shoves him into a room and shuts them both in. He tells him about the deal he made with Poseidon to get him and Sara off the hook with the government as Kellerman had no authority to clear their name as they had thought he could in the previous season. He tells him about 21 void and how he was helping Poseidon break out deadly criminals all around the world. The rebel soldiers close in on them and Michael decides they go to the train station which was his original plan, although Linc tells him the airport is their best shot out of the city.


At the airport, C-Note and Sheba debates over staying with the plan and waiting for Linc or looking for another route as the place is chaotic already with people frantically trying to get out.


The terrorists get to the airport and as people scramble about, C-Note sees the pilot leaving and he and al-Tunis’ family follows him where they are stopped by a pair of soldiers patrolling the terminal and Sheba distracts them as C-Note quickly tidies them up in classic Benjamin style.


(Dialogue credit: Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin) “You can take the man out of the streets but you can’t take the street out of the man”.


Sara rushes back to Jacob’s parents and goes to get Mike, she shows him the picture T-Bag shot when he tries to stop her with (yes I don’t like this guy) stupid lies about trying to make a deal with them after he got their contact information from a colleague at the university.


The escapees get to the train station and lift baggage like the workers they have been watching go in and out of the station that has numerous guards swinging wicked looking AK-47s.


Sara cries on the shoulder of a friend, Elda, who convinces her that there would be an explanation for Jacob meeting with the twins of coolness. They decide to check up his claim of meeting with a colleague at the university.


At the train station, a guard stops Michael and asks for his boots, they fight some of the guards and escape with the skin of their teeth as they cross the tracks before an oncoming train blocks them out of view of the terrorists. Cyclops gets a shot of them fleeing (a clean shot of them, he probably is using a Samsung phone or an iPhone to get such a clear photo shot of running people on a very dark night in a city having partial blackout) and informs the commander of the forces tracking the escapees but tells him he will be calling the shots and they will have to wait for him to volunteer information.


Lincoln still suggests they go to the airport, but Michael still insists that they go to the border, Whip hot wires a jeep and they drive off.


Sara and Elda meets David who confirms Jacob’s story and he calls her to come down to the police station.


Cyclops rams their car and they leave it and run into a hospital.  They can’t find a way out of the hospital except they way they just got in through which is now blocked by ISIL terrorists.


Sara finds the twins of coolness behind the glass in the Police station and identifies them as the people that broke into her home and shot her husband. Jacob explains to her that he fooled them and got them arrested. He says he was playing the white knight, how he placed a tracker in the money he offered them, yadda yadda.


Lincoln decides they fight their way through  and grabs a pipe for himself and a wrench for Michael who apologizes for not coming to him earlier for help than going solo with Poseidon, Whip sharpens a stick and Sid picks a pair of handcuffs while Ja sits, watches that damn concert and drinks raw alcohol. Ja lays a trap using medical explosives and a skeleton. (Ja!). The terrorists fall for it and make themselves barbecues! They decide to go to the airport and Michael  calls C-Note to wait for them, Cyclops opens fire on them and hits Sid who grapples with him ,though he already called the others to go to the airport, he gets stabbed but he cuffs himself to the deranged Cyclops.


The plane takes off just as the escapees reach the gate with ISIL soldiers hot behind them. Sheba tells Lincoln to find Omar.


Those credits roll!


PS: Jacob is not deceiving me, not even one bit. T-Bag is an angel! Is it just me or does it looks like all it takes to knock out one of these ISL guys is a good punch or two? The episodes are so exciting, they seem short. Who will die next? (I mean apart from that Cyclops guy, I so so hate him for killing my Sid!)

by Obinna Jones

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