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By Obinna Omotayo Jones

Earlier, when her boyfriend came to see her in Room 22, Green Hostel and was carrying a paper wrapped package, too large to be a new iphone and impossible to be a car. She had concluded it was a portrait.Ben had always been that type of person. A short poem in a scented envelope, a line from Shakespeare when he was trying to answer a question, a kiss on the tip of the nose when she was expecting him to consume her lips, he was always that kind of boy you didn’t knowexisted till he fell on your laps and then you wouldn’t know what to do with him.After he left, she tore at the paper wrapped gift with barely concealed eagerness and the glass feel assured her she had been right about it been a portrait, then she realised it was a mirror. A little disappointed and not sparing it much of a glance at first she left it face up on the table.As she dressed for evening class later, she looked herself in her mirror, re-touched some parts that the weapons of beauticians had missed, tucking some loose hair under her scarf satisfied, she decided to use Ben’s mirror.A sticker she hadn’t seen at first was on the top right corner. A love note perhaps, knowing Ben’s unpredictable ways.It read: Read To Enter.She looked herself in the mirror and she was looking out of the mirrorand into her empty room.#ShortStoryImage source –

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