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For the Babes in the house.Relationship is not two minutes instant noodles…. TAKE YOUR TIME.Here are some tips to guide you.1. Don’t go out with a guy until you get to know his intentions and plans for you. Some guys are just beauty addicts, interested only in having sex with no real plans for a relationship. All they are interested in is getting a beautiful girl to their bed. Some other guys are time wasters and jokers. They come around with nothing good to offer. The worst kinds of guys are the liars. They promise you heaven and earth when they can’t afford fifty naira gala.2. Don’t go out on a date to a location you are not familiar with.  Several date rapes would be averted if girls will learn from the mistakes of others. Some girls are so naive; they actually believe that a guy would take them to his apartment and try nothing funny. Hey girlfriend! Wake up from your slumber. Such men are rare.3. Don’t ask a guy for any favors’, because he may demand repayment from you in kind. It is better for the guy to ask if you need something and go out of his way to get it for you, than for you to pester his life with demands that could lead to reducing your perceived value in his eyes. Girls are sometimes too quick to ask and accept money from guys, not realizing that when most guys gives you money, they sign an invisible contract with you to give them something in return. The only thing they want most time is sex. So dear sister, before you ask for his money, remember that you might be signing yourself into becoming a sex slave. Don’t allow your greed to rule you. Some girls think they are smart, they try to take as much as they can, not realizing that they are opening the door for the guy to gain unrestricted access.4. Keep your secrets and life history confidential until you get to know him well enough to trust him, even then be careful about what you disclose to him. He may use your secrets against you if he is not the right guy for you. Haba! Don’t run your mouth like it’s on 4G.Finally, never consent to engage in a secret relationship with a guy. Bring the relationship under the watchful eyes and supervision of a matured adult whom you respect and trust.

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