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mind your business

Okay Okay, I have some kind of need to write about marriage and relationships since the whole Oshiomole brouhaha. I feel as though some of us need to be married to a little bit of common sense before we air our views on certain things. As in I wish my people will mind their business and not always want to give their 2cents on every damn thing that happens. So, what if the young man decided to marry a gold digger, I guess it is your pot of gold that is being dug. I have suffered writers block for while, but I don’t know why this topic gives me inspiration 🙂

We cannot be a nation of hypocrites, a nation of people who are only comfortable with others when they share the same views, a nation of people who hide their sins; only to laugh at and mock others for their sins. I know a few ladies who slept with a few Alhajis to pay their school fees, I know a few ladies who “slept” their way through school with them pot bellied instructors, yet they are the first to open their mouth to judge a man and his so called “gold digger wife” May be the gold is a “turn on” for her. And for him, he may just want a pretty young thing to keep him going. So, what is wrong with them falling for each other? Don’t lie ladies, some of you know you want to dig that gold 🙂 And for the men on that hater juice, you should know that “every Ferari has got it’s price tag.”(Thank you Kunle)

Another thing is this. It seems like all I  hear our young girls talk about is “Bad men”. Really? How old are you that you know that men are so bad? There are bad women and there are bad men, but please I beg you to stop sounding like you were crucified and buried for three days. Life is not always fair and most of us have had our share of life’s experiences whether good or bad. And to those aunties, sisters and mentors who ought to mentor our girls into maturity; but end up only teaching them about how evil men are; hmmm there is a special place in hell for you! Most of you have children, boyfriends and some have husbands, but you end up teaching our young girls that they should stay single because men are bad. Meanwhile, you are in your house catering to “your man” .  You spoil the minds of our girls and you are able to sleep peacefully at night? How about teaching them about being productive women in the society? How about teaching them how to spot a good partner when the time comes?

And to these girls who are married or single  and wandering the earth for relationship and marriage advice, I have no words for you. Sometimes, I feel like taking a koboko to your behind. Marriage or being in a relationship may not be your priority, but that does not mean you should classify all men as wicked. Come on! Some of these women teaching you about bad men are in their houses regretting why they did not marry Governor Adams Oshiomole :); while the rest  are the ones judging the poor man’s wife and calling her a gold digger. Bitter women they are!

Basically, know what you want, why you want that thing and defend it with your sweat!

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  1. Na true o, but you sef wetin consign you? Mind your business nah. Good write up sha.

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