#50DaysCountdownTo2015 – DAY 50.

The writer decides to remain anonymous though…LOL..He is the Weirdo on my TL, if we have mutual followings then you can try figure him out. Enjoy!

Like everything I’ve enjoyed and very much loved, I gave up on writing awhile ago and never thought I’d do that again but it’s taken a pressing issue to bring me out of retirement, and what is this pressing issue? People who are obsessed with taking pictures.

I bet you read that last line and wonder why that, and not the girl who was raped 30 times before 12pm that brought me out of retirement. It’s simple, it’s a classic example of the virus that has eaten deep into our society and has a higher body count than Ebola. When the angels of the Lord ministered to the inventor of the camera, I doubt the plan was have it affect the morals of our society this much and as a Nigerian, I’m obliged to blame them.

Harrysong (here posing with N7m that doesn’t belong to him) is the ultimate example of the day

Why is the fixation with taking pictures a problem? Isn’t it just folks just trying to get those Instagram likes? Trying to show the world the beauty of Jehovah Jireh in our lives? All true, except it’s more about the former reason than the latter for majority. Majority of people have the definition of who they are reduced to numbers, their instagram likes, number of twitter followers, number of RTs they get, number of DMs they get all down to a massive decrease in self-esteem causing a sharp increase in materialism. That’s why there has been a lot more selfies on your TL lately, more sexually provocative pictures (traps), all seeking those RTs and compliments by strangers on the internet, pretending to be what they are not to be accepted by fellow pretenders.

This seem harmless, after all its their bodies and their faces, nobody is being hurt but truth is there are a lot who are, albeit indirectly because the underlying mentality that drives a girl to post a picture of her semi-naked self is also the one that drives the yahoo boy, or the armed robber or even the one with a honest day work but who is more concerned about his material worth than helping the less privileged. It’s a mentality that has eaten so deeply into our humanity that we now find it difficult to trust each other because there is a greater chance you will be thrown under the bus if it suits their goals.

Now have I written all these because I actually care about the world and want you to change? Hell no, I want you all to continue living the pretentious life, that’s how I feel better than the rest of you since I’m broke and couldn’t be photogenic if I sold my soul to Satan.

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  1. I’m actually thrilled a 21st century lady can say something negative about cameras.

  2. This was definitely a good read I never looked at it that way.I think we take pictures to show others how beautiful we are…that’s deep

  3. Yup, I have to agree with this. You looked the same now as you did yesterday, why on God’s green earth do you have to document it? And let’s not even start with all the ‘provocative’ pics. Those just equate to low self esteem. That having been said, I had to laugh out loud at the last paragraph.

  4. A million likes on my Instagram photo, you bet I am gonna take that to mean I am a super duper human being and it doesn’t necessarily mean I have reduced that to define who I am…I am just saying.I, however must applaude your slant to the blog post…brilliant and since you are NOT photogenic, we are left with no other option but to continue to feast our eye…bring the insta picture…MINUS THE NUDES AND PROVOCATIVES!!! I was raised with manners and decorum

  5. I feel it is rather a lost sense of self identity that makes one value him or herself based on the number of followers or picture likes.2. you are not really busy, if you are really busy in every sense of the word “BUSY”, yo wont have time pursuing likes and selfies. are you a photographer? are you a model? are you a celebrity? so why show me you bathroom selfie? when did toilets become photo studios? well maybe i missed the memo, cos i recently learnt “anaconda” stopped being a huge snake.

  6. the painful thing is, they seldom know that everything counts. kim k has her career already. she doesn’t have to attend interviews. Let’s just wait and see who gets a foot in their butts.

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