Meet This Distinguished Nigerian – Phenomenal Jane, Touching Lives While Serving

We noticed the good work single-handedly initiated and managed by Jane on her Instagram page where she shared her joy for being able to donate Computer systems, ICT materials and Training for students at the community she was sent to serve – NYSC. Deeply moved by the desire to make impact in communities that do not have basic amenities, she sets out to do her part. A graduate of Biochemistry, from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Jane Nwokolo better known as Phenomenal Jane talks about her drive and the inspiration behind her work in this conversation with ELSiEiSY Blog.

So, a lot of your followers know you as “Phenomenal Jane” why Phenomenal Jane, any reason you chose that particularly?

There’s absolutely no strong reason behind that, I only love the word ‘phenomenal’, and it speaks to me directly anytime I use it, that’s why I chose it, and Jane is my first name.

Is there an experience that led you to becoming a humanitarian?

Actually, I believe this act is what’s embedded in someone, and only gets to materialize fully when resources are available. However, one showcases that even in the littlest opportunity, and not wait until there’s a particular experience. Otherwise, you can get chocked up along the line, and just quit, because this gesture is what requires almost all of you, and you, not even getting anything in return, save for the joy and fulfillment.

We see you have done a lot of work at the school in the community you served at. What is the story behind your projects at the school? What inspired you?

Naturally, I can’t stand stagnation, and things not just going as they should, especially when I know I can influence some level of transformation. For instance, I couldn’t fathom that there were still places in this country where basic amenities like portable drinking water was only but a mere dream. I believe there are lots of things we could do for ourselves rather than waiting on the Government all the time, we should rather call their attention directly, and that’s just what I did.

I had also pictured myself countless times, doing some of the things I did in the community. More like a fantasy that I actualized. If I wasn’t able to view it in my head, I might not have been able to do much. So, I would say that opportunity met preparation.

However, I had come to my PPA only to realize that lots more, needed to be done. The reason I didn’t get a repost, as would have been the most understandable thing to do.

These are what led me to start out.

Will you say the NYSC scheme provided you a platform to do the things you are passionate about?

Perfectly, the platform, that’s exactly what I got, and I couldn’t be more grateful to NYSC for that.

What are some of the complexities you’ve had to deal with trying to reach out to communities?

About complexities, to be frank, they were much. First was on acceptance. I was the only female among lots eighteen other corps members. I wasn’t Muslim too, whereas the community is a homogeneous community of Muslims. Being a Christian, I dressed differently, decent of course, but no hijab. So I was more like the proverbial square peg in a round pole. However, as time went on, we all blended so well.

Another was language barrier, the community members weren’t proficient in English language, neither was I, in the Hausa Language, so it was a huge challenge. The reason I included the Debate and spelling competitions. At least right now, there’s remarkable improvement in both parties.

Another area was in sourcing for funds for the projects. It was a really huge challenge, judging from the economy of the country when I was doing that, but then look where we’ve come.

Do you have any mentors or people you look up to?

Yes, I do have a mentor, and I look up to Serena Williams, her mind blowing philosophy, and balance with her life and career. Also Oprah Winfrey, in her influence and achievements in her career path.

Your profile says you are a Writer, what are the things you write about? 

I write on issues concerning the female folk, the society and life in general. You may checkout my blog:

What’s your definition of success?

When one has achieved their life’s goals and aspirations, and actively involved in helping others to achieve theirs, that, to me is the definition of success.

What’s the one thing we’ll never find you eating?

My! Dog meat, it is.

Describe your fashion style in one word.


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