Raunchy Friday: What To Do When The Erection Refuses To Go Down

Raunchy Friday: What To Do When The Erection Refuses To Go Down

The medical name for having an erection that won’t go down is priapism. It happens when the blood that fills the penis to make it erect gets trapped and cannot flow back out again. Priapism is usually extremely painful.

A prolonged erection can damage the penis and could cause permanent problems in getting an erection. Therefore, it’s important that priapism is treated quickly.

Now that sounds too serious but this post is basically to help you out when your boner refuses to go down in the morning and you have to get to work.

As weird as it may sound to you, a friend chatted me up in the early hours of the day to tell me his boner isn’t going down and he needs to leave the house.

And I told him to find his way into the bathroom and take a cold shower.

Ok Ok Ok! I won’t just carry on like your eyebrow didn’t just move. He is my friend! A very close friend! A friend like a brother and a strong force behind this blog. We are not having sex! Are we good now? Sure, lets move on.

Ehen, as I was saying typing, that was the only solution that came to mind and he said it helped.

So I tried to find out more about such unrepentant boners and this is what I found.

Gentle exercise, such as jogging or using an exercise bike, may help your erection go down. Having a warm bath may also benefit, as can passing urine, which may be easier in a warm bath. Use painkillers to relieve the discomfort that priapism causes.

If you’ve tried the methods above and your erection hasn’t gone down, you’ll need treatment.

If you’ve had a painful erection for more than four hours, go see a doctor as this is an emergency.

Treatment for priapism may involve taking medication or draining blood from the penis. If the priapism is caused by an underlying condition, this will need to be treated. Surgery may be necessary to prevent permanent damage.

Read more on priapism here

Enjoy your Friday!

Image source – wikihow.com

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