Raunchy Friday: The bad first time doesn’t always mean he is not good in bed

raunchy friday

Its another Raunchy Friday 😀

Thank you for the feedback from last Friday’s deep throating post. I got different response but one made me laugh hard. I also loved the fact that she was on my side. View image below:

Raunch friday - deep throating

With that, i definitely would never try deep throating. Thank you babe.

On to today’s business, ever had sex with a guy for the first time and felt he is just not good in bed but suddenly suddenly, at 2nd shot at it, he is a totally different person in action?

I remember when a friend of mine started dating her boyfriend, the first time they had sex, she pinged me up (yes we talk about these things with someone) to tell me how disappointed she was and wasn’t sure she could cope. Sincerely, I cautioned myself not to say a word but I laughed really hard that she got angry.

Two weeks later, she pinged me, telling me how she just had the best sex ever and with this same guy. hmmmm….my point is, these things happen. That the first time with a guy turns out not too good isn’t enough to judge his ability in bed.

This especially goes for guys who are not hopping from one lady to another. They usually don’t get into the action just because there is an available pussy.

First time sex performance could also be affected by the built up excitement and anticipation towards such private time.

After the first encounter, it will do you good to allow a second and maybe 3rd to be very sure and make sure it isn’t planned.

Try not to lose a good man for no reason. Be sure he is really not good in bed and there is no way you can help him enhance his performance.

There is so much to a man than just sex, do not lose the ‘so much’ over something that can be fixed or isn’t just there.

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