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memoirs of Eva

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It’s a cool Thursday morning and the stress of the past days and nights have been getting to me. I’ve worked day and night, getting to work by 7a.m and getting home by 10p.m. Thank God for my car though, I can’t imagine getting to the bus stop by 9:55 in the night and standing in line.

But, it’s so frustrating lately. Even my dildo can’t help, it’s been a month since I last felt flesh and blood throbbing in me. I mean, I’m not a nympho but a girl can do with a fuck every once or twice a month. I wouldn’t even mind every day.


It’s some minutes to four and I’m looking forward to leaving earlier today when Gina, the MD’s secretary, walks into my office.

Hey Gin” I greet her, gracing her with a small smile.

Hi,” she replies with a smile of her own, “Looking good babe, as always.

I flash a grateful grin and mutter thanks.

I won’t waste your time with small talk, Mr. Daniels would like to see you in his office right away.” My eyes widen at her statement.

Mr. Daniels?” I ask.

Yes,” she laughs a little, not oblivious to my amazement. “If I might say, you seem to be in line for promotion. Hurry up, he’s not a patient man.” And with that, she stalks away.

I quickly put back on my shoes, a pair of Gucci stiletto heels, which I must say are absolutely a sexy pair and great for office sex, and stood up to straighten out my Vince top and Forever21 navy blue skirt. I switch off the sockets around me and twirl around in my black office chair.

After some few minutes, I pick up my Hermes Himalaya Birkin30 bag and walk over to the door. After switching off the office lights with a flourish, I walk to the elevator and press the button for the topmost floor. It’s time to face the M.D.

I get up and brave myself for this unexpected meeting with him. Knocking lightly on the door, I pray he’s absent or in a meeting.

Come in!” Oh shit, here goes nothing.

Good evening Mr. Daniels, you requested to see me

The chair spins around and I am face to face with the most handsome man I have met. I just couldn’t help but stare, and God help me, he looked better with every look I stole.

His rich chocolate hair that had tousled griminess with a promise of finesse. He had strong arched brows and eyelashes so thick, I thought it had to be illegal. And then his eyes, dark brown and so deep, you know how people say ‘Oh, I could get lost in them’? And you think, how cheesy, yeah? Well, this time, it’s real. His eyes were an ocean of promised fantasies, if only they were blue like…

Yes, Miss Madariola. I did ask to see you.” Mr. Daniels replies, interrupting my assessment and immediately, I blush crimson red and look down. “Please, have a seat” he continues.

My pants go wet at the sound of his voice. This sexy as hell man turns me on with just his voice! Oh my days!! Just imagine how it would feel if his cock was pulsing in me, deep inside me, sending me to the other realm riding on waves of pleasures untold.

I shuffle and take a seat in front of his big mahogany desk, placing my bag on my barely covered laps, thanks to my skirt.

Miss Madariola, I was going through some of the company’s past events records and I noticed that some of these events had a low turnout than usual. Like our last in-house seminar for aspiring HR personnel. I could have bet that we’d have nothing less than 500 attendants yet, we had a mere 285. Do you think you could explain to me why?

He shifts forward and leans on the desk, his ocean-like eyes boring into me.

Err, I’m sorry about that sir. But I don’t think I know why.” I mumble, looking at my skirt and playing with my fingers.

Oh, you don’t? If I’m correct, you are head of the Publicity department, yes?” I nod to his question. “So, it is indeed your job to send out invites, place radio adverts and others?

Yes, it is. And I do my job very well, sir. I send out the invites and place the ads, I really do.” I reply, in a rush to justify myself.

Oh, please save me that! If you did, would our turn outs be so low? Would it?” I swallow quickly, unable to look up at him.

I’ve seen you around. You act like you’re Girl Almighty, there’s no need for you to ask for help. You’ve got it all covered. I’ve seen how you flip your hair and smile at the male workers, you think you’re Marilyn Monroe right?” He has the guts to chuckle as he twirls a pen in his right hand. “Yet, you can’t do a simple job right. Isn’t it ironic that Super woman can’t do a job well?

How arrogant of him! How is it my fault if the guys see me as a sex symbol? Most of them just like a pretty face and legs. Is it my fault that I’ve been doing my job well and no one refuses to turn up for the boring seminars? Even I don’t attend, damn him!

Well answer me, damn you! Is there a fucking reason you’re not doing your job well?

At that point, I completely lose it. I don’t care if I was just thinking of his dick deep inside me or of me screaming his name as he brings me to an orgasmic pleasure, he has no right to swear at me!

I stand up and look down at me. “Well, excuse me if your boring seminars do not have the expected turn out, sir, but I will not have you shout swear words at me!” I pause and catch a breath. “I am your employee, Mr. Daniels, not a servant and I swear that I do my job to the best of my ability.”

I am seething with anger when I hear a low chuckle from the other side of his desk. I look at him, those eyes staring right back at me.

Do you find something amusing sir?



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