Essential Items for Every Solo Traveller

When you’re a solo traveller, it means you’re an independent person traveling alone. Your keyword is “independence”. This means that you may have no one to fall back on if anything happens to you. So, there are essential things you’d need as a solo traveller. They include the following: 

·         Money, Of Course

This is the most essential on the list. Without money, you’re going nowhere, and without it too, you aren’t going back home. So ensure you have enough money on you, and keep it secure. Check it every time or once in a while, depending on whatever you’re doing. Also, don’t trust people when you’re traveling alone. You’re solo, you’re single. No one else should be trusted. Also, you should not rely solely on “I’m a visitor, they could help me out”. While you may be lucky enough to find help along the way, you have to take care of yourself by yourself. 

·         A Mini First Aid Kit

A first aid kit has all the items, or most of the items, you need for any type of injury. Meanwhile, when you’re traveling, carry the basics along with you like cotton wool, methylated spirit, plaster and bandages, and a pain killer. This is to ensure that in case you get hurt anywhere, you would be able to recover in time to continue your journey. 

·         Toiletries 

Your personal hygiene is vital as a solo traveller. It does not have to be to impress people because it is personal. You’re solo, so their opinion doesn’t count, but your personal hygiene does. Keep it clean with your mobile deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, body lotion, and travel-size hair product. You don’t want to start feeling all messy, sweaty, and irritated by your own body. No, you don’t, so get those toiletries into your luggage.

·         Snack Bars

Snack bars are tasty manufactured snacks you can eat on the go. Do not buy baked snacks, especially at fast foods, except you’re eating them that same day. Manufactured snacks go all the way, and preserving them is essential so that air does not get into them while they are open. You might not even finish all your snacks when you get back home, and you’ll still have some left for a later time.

·         Quick Food

As a solo traveller, you get to miss some of the food you eat daily. If there is a particular quick food substance you cook at home like noodles or baked beans, you could pack it along, just in case you get so lucky to find a place to cook. However, it is not advisable to travel with farm products like eggs, cheese, sausage, or frozen chicken. They would soil your bags, and all your efforts for great personal hygiene would turn to waste. 

·         Drinks, Non-Alcoholic Preferably 

You should have drinks with you while traveling. They should also not be alcoholic because you’re traveling alone. No one would carry you to your hotel room after you’re dead drunk. Ensure you’re in the right state of mind too. Also, life is not a movie where someone new offers to assist you when you’re drunk. Many people are scared of drunks, others simply mind their businesses. Get some soft drinks, and slide some bottles of yoghurt in too. The creamy taste would get you going every morning. You could get thirsty on the way, and water is always a better option any day, any time. 

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