After reading these Articles: What Men want, What Women Want and What Women Want II. Someone decided to speak to women. If you are an African Woman, then you should read this. Men are not left out too, read and share with every true African woman around you. Don’t hesitate to use the comment section to air what you think or know.

african womanDating back from the creation of the first man till now, women have been the cynosure of the world. They have always been in the heart of everything, either positive or negative. Nothing passes them bye; the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is often said, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman.” Who is behind the men who have failed? The African nation is stuttering because our women have made vain things their priorities. If you think I’m slandering, then you need to visit a court of law and see how many marriages are being dissolved each day. If you don’t have the luxury of time, then you can Google it. In Nigeria, an innocent infant is always found lying homelessly on the street every day. A girl somewhere is dying as a result of an abortion performed on her by a quack doctor. I’m not here to castigate women, I also have women in my life. It will interest you to know that most men are greater failures, after all men are the head of the house. However, a woman is the heart of the home.

A man doesn’t have a womb; a woman possess that airbag within her, that room where you and I stayed for 9 months before we embarked on this journey called life. A man is the bread winner, but a woman is the life giver. Men’s breast have no milk. That mother’s back was more comfortable than your bed. Even when you didn’t know anything, you could discern her voice whenever she sang you a lullaby. Do you still think the importance of a mother should be undermined? An average woman in her lifetime makes at least 2 major sacrifices for her children at her own expense. She would rather suffer than watch her wards meddle in pain.

It is quite unfortunate and very worrisome that majority of girls that exist in this generation are not prospective African women. These type of girls are the ones I look to discuss today. These group of ladies have trampled on, and made mess of the values of a true African lady. They have lost the respect for our culture – becoming a slave to the western (lifestyle) ideology. Being sharp is when you take a cue from someone, but it is the highest level of frivolity not to be creative and moderate while doing so. The rate at which some ladies walk naked on the street just to get attention is very alarming. Imagine someone (video vixen) whose boobs are almost dropping while featuring in a musical video calling herself decent. I encountered one lately, she simply said “I’m a professional, and it is my job to entertain.” My response shocked her, “I just pray your future husband is watching.” If these are the type of ladies that will nurture and train our children, then Nigeria’s future is in disarray. For others to value you, you have to know your worth.

Another group of ladies are the so-called miss independents, they are way too ambitious. They are of the school of thought that being submissive to the opposite gender is slavery, they are all about making the money and earning fame in return. Artificial insemination has made it very convenient for such people to be single parents. Raising a child without a father has its consequences.

Some married ones can’t even hold their homes together, they go around making gossips; ignoring the fire that burns in their home while looking for the smoke in someone else’ home. Before they know it, their homes are in shambles. “Things fall apart” – the center cannot hold. What do you think will happen to the fruits of a broken marriage?

The concept of marriage is that which many girls don’t care to understand. Some seem to think marriage is all about love, and money. Perhaps it is about love, yet it takes a lot more than the ordinary love to keep a marriage together. I do not speak of the romantic love, I speak of the sacrificial love. At the sight of the dollar sign, some girls drool, “as long as he’s rich, there’s no problem.” They conclusively jump into marriage when they aren’t ripe for it. I wonder what will happen if the guy suddenly goes broke. Gone are those days when our ancestors (women) married for the tangibility they see in men, reverse is the case these days – patience is a waste of time.

No girl wants to date a hustler, whatever happened to planning your life with your future partner….?

A developed society is made up of a healthy family, but what we have in our hands now are broken marriages. A woman is the heart of the home, but the ones we have in the making if care isn’t taken will be the termites of their own homes.

Ladies, kindly revisit the African history, study and imbibe our culture into the western ideology, and be that virtuous woman you ought to be. If the center holds, things cannot fall apart. Be responsible enough to stand up to a responsibility. Life is in three phases, the past, the present, and the future. The past doesn’t matter, but the present has a strong influence on the future. What future do you envisage for yourself?

To be continued…

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  1. Many thanks, wish there were a million of you. We need this education and we need it now.

  2. So true my brother, I heard of a lady that said her husband my have two maids for her, washing machine, dish washer, deep freezer, fridge etc before she can even consider him….What took her dad thirty years to get, she is expecting a young man to have in thirty days. I pity such clueless ladies.Thanks for this timely one.

  3. Yes we all understand that woman is the solid rock of a Man after God but the reasons now a days is that ladies want a ready made guy to marry and it not really suppose to be so. All that matters is seeing the person as ur better heart and that two of you can work things together to make you dreams and missions accomplished!!!! but finally finally marriage is a gud thing..I hear by Urge all our ladies out there too make A while there sun is still shining, give that you man a try work together and prayer things will surely be great. More over houses are not built in a day no matter how rich a person can be he cant build his/her house in a day…Ladies you are our helper as God has make it from the beginning, let us both work together and make better things happen and make marriage beautiful the way it use to be in our fore fathers day!!God bless you elsie!!

  4. Well this is the truth a lot of divorced women who made errors have refused to tell the younger generation…I hope the females of our generation realise that the world and the genders have been designed for a purpose and no amout of “evolution” would change that…an error I would like to add as well is the fact that ladies are usually at the receiving end, the males need to realise what it means to be a man of integrity…it’s the lustful and ignorant men that encourage the ladies referred to above…but if we have more virtuous men then it would help a great deal…thanks for sharing…

  5. Yea thanx so mch for these 1daful insight,these is xactly wot mst of us ladies hv bin tryin to farthom out. But I strongly believe dat dis will go a very long way to preserving sme hmes frm fallin apart.God bless u

  6. When do you plan to enlighten the men folk of their great responsibility on earth. Or????

  7. Well, when you think about it, our generation also encourages us to adopt a number of western beliefs and lifestyles from mode of dressing to manner of speaking, hence you can’t really blame people if they decide to take it up a notch by incuperating same western belief in other aspects of their life.

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