how much do you know

Well I sat down the day’s work with my laptop staring at me as I stared back and had an idea. I hope you like it but if you don’t, na you sabi.

So I called this Generator repairer the other day when the generator stopped working. The guy came by, looked it over, opened it and fiddled with one or two things. I sat down on the stairs eyes as sharp as an eagle watching him so he won’t steal an electrical part [they do that all the time]. Anyway, after he had fiddled and all, the following conversation ensued

GR: Aunty your money na #2,500.

Me: Excuse me? 2,500? Am i buying a new generator?

GR: [All defensive] You know say na plenty work. I go change something for the generator i go come change oil for you. To change only oil sef na #500.

ME: [Eyes as round as saucers] Change oil na #500? Abeg no change the oil. Leave am I go change am by myself biko.

GR: [mellow tone] Eh aunty nobi like that…

You see, he had looked me over and seen a simpering airhead female that he could make money off and decided to charge exorbitantly. If I had not KNOWN that changing oil in a generator was a simple process I would have parted with my HARD EARNED MONEY. Morale of the story, know a little about everything.

Life has gone beyond when knowledge seemed only for an exclusive class. Information is now everywhere begging us to just take a taste and acquire knowledge. Just a taste. A little knowledge of most things is just like first aid; it could save your life. Let me explain how.

Your wife refuses to cook for you because you made her angry. You can’t even cook noodles because you feel it’s beneath you. You walk down to Mama Sulaimon’s restaurant to have your dinner. Armed robbers storm the place. They shoot you. You die.

Your light bulb spoils. You buy another but can’t fix it. You ask the handsome guy living next to you for his help. He comes into your house, fixes it. Only he doesn’t just leave. He tries to rape you. You scream. He puts a pillow over your head. You die.

If only they knew a little about something.

The world is evolved to a time where you are expected to have a wide range of knowledge. Information is everywhere and it stares at us from the minute we wake up to when we sleep. How much you know about everything is what will distinguish you from the crowd.

Don’t limit your thirst for knowledge to cooking noodles and changing light bulbs. Know everything, or at least, a bit about most things. Those articles that lay around you, those web pages with news that you hardly spare a glance, that junk mail you receive and delete without a glance [even the annoying ones],the little snippets of conversations that carry through to you, the stars you see when you walk home every night, they are all laden with information.

Open up your mind to learn. Be a sponge, soak up new experiences. Know a little about everything. Listen. Watch. Learn


Written by Chioma Ejide

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