PRAYER is one of the most MISUNDERSTOOD word in our society today, especially in this Naija.

Prayer according to the Oxford Advance learners Dictionary “is a solemn request or expression of thanks to GOD “.

Some say it’s the “master key to getting everything you want from GOD”. This was what really dragged me to write this piece.

Prayer is no master key and GOD won’t give you anything you don’t WORK for.

A lady was complaining today about how she got married to a man with the intentions of building a family with him. After several years of marriage no child, she discovered that her man was impotent and the family has been blaming her, throwing all sorts of insults at her calling her names and her so called man had been there doing nothing when he knows the fault is from his side.

Worst thing is, the man is no man at all for he does whatever his father says. She asked for advice at the end, a lot of people said “she should pray about it and commit everything to GOD.”

I am forced to ask…Will GOD bear the pain of this woman for her? Will he help her make decisions? What about the man that refuse to be a man. Will GOD speak for him and tell the family he is the one with the problem?

Don’t give me that ‘pastors vision’ shit. I know it’s what you are about to suggest. Come to think of it, it is a human being that GOD used to write this part of the bible that reads ” *AS THE BODY WITHOUT SPIRIT IS DEAD, FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD ” James2:26.

Your prayer here, is the spirit, your faith is what leads you to pray. Prayers don’t work without taking steps towards what you are praying for.

So many people pray today and sit down waiting for GOD to help them do what they should take responsibility for. People don’t go into their house by standing at the door post commanding the door to open when they have the key in their hand. You already know what will happen.

Though we have automatic doors now, you still have to do something to make it open.

PRAYER is not the master key to opening doors for your life or solving problems, the steps you take towards your prayers after praying is that key you need with your prayers.prayer-is-the-master-keyGOD won’t do for man what they can do for themselves. Start taking responsibilities for your life and stop wasting time in EMPTY PRAYERS. Feel free to disagree.


Written by Tanrose Anomuogharan

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  1. I understand this bloggers point of view but prayers are for more than just a way to ask for a miraculous solutions to problems. In the example of the lady with the impotent husband, I believe 100% prayers could fix that issue in so many different ways. Yes God can make away the womans pain and lead her through the Holy Spirit on the best decision to take and also definitely make her Husband become a better man. Prayers lead to the right actions. There is nothing Man can do for themselves, it is only through Gods grace that we are able to do anything. If an individual is truly in Christ, there is nothing like empty prayers.

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