The House – 29

The house

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The morning came with a fucking headache, pardon my bad language but it was splitting my skull.  I opened an eye to stare up at the ceiling fan rotating in its own world. What happened yesterday? I opened my second eye and rubbed my neck… It was that instant I heard it. .an incoming train or wasn’t it? I jumped up from need ignoring the tingling pain in my head, felt my foot kick something and looked down to see Wahidi sleeping like he overdosed on some drugs.

I calmed down, the sound wasn’t a train. Because now it was two different sounds, I looked around to see what was up and in five seconds I could tell it was blacky and Wahidi snoring.  Blacky was supplying the bass, Wahidi was supplying the treble. Stupid boys, Sesan was folded up in the far corner as quiet as could be. I relaxed and pulled out a chair to sit down… Was barely seated when the door was bursted open and Mickole fizzled in.

Omo una still dey sleep ni? !”.. He spoke in a loud voice, no respect for the sleeping folks. Well wetin concern me sef? I rubbed my forehead, I am never going to drink again.

“Wetin do these ones abi why them dey sleep like this? “.. Obviously the question was meant for me but I didn’t answer. Wasn’t in the mood for chit chats.

Thank God he got the cue because he turn around and kicked Blacky.

Guy wake up jor, una wan sleep till evening ni?!”…Evening? What was the time by way? I reached for wristwatch on the table. Damn it was 2pm! Had I really crashed that much? Thank God it was a Saturday if not I would be out of a job. I made the promise never to drink again.

Bobo, no just dey enter person room dey make noise na. You no get home training ni? “.. Sesan grumbled as he woke up.

I no get, come give me. .ode“..

Come oga Ade because Stella don fuck your brain Comot no mean say make you start to dey display your stupidity“…Wahidi said with his eyes still closed.

Blacky was still snoring having adjusted position when Michael kicked him. Menn his snoring was enough to scare mosquitos away, a new form of insecticide.

Person wey you suppose wake you no wake, you go dey act like imbecile“… Sesan said as he pointed to blacky.

Micheal didn’t reply but simply went out and returned in a few seconds with a bowl of water and without much ado proceeded to sprinkle it all over blacky’s face.

Correct! “.. Sesan bursted out laughing.

Blacky woke up cursing and rubbing his wet face.

Guy you no wan die better ni abi na wetin sef“…

If you wan sleep, dey go railway station. No dey disturb us for here“. Michael

Blacky hissed and stood up. . For someone who had quite a potbelly, he could stretch. He noticed Sesan and Wahidi.

Idiot wey una go last night, eyin weyreh meji. Una con leave me and Bode alone.

We dey help that girl fix her gen ni.. The thing no gree start so na to service am“.. Sesan replied him calmly.

Na the Gen una service abi the girl?”.. Blacky scratched his head.

“I don forget say you no dey ever get sense for the first one hour after you wake“..

Everyone including me bursted out laughing.

Calm down, which girl be that sef? “… Michael asked still laughing.

That girl wey collect Urine former room“.. Wahidi was fully awake now.

“Ohh which one? Na two girls I see enter that room yesterday na“..Michael queried

The other girl na her friend… The one wey tall pass na she get room“..

Oh so una go service two of them“. Micheal pressed on.

You blind for ear, we no go do anything jor abi you think say na every girl b like Stella ni? “.. For some strange reason Sesan was getting angry.

Ode, who tell you say I fuck Stella? ” Michael hissed

Wetin una con dey do since yesterday? Holy ghost revival? “..

Another round of laughter.

Haaa make I gist you o, you know say as una leave us go konigba na so she and I enter room o.. I don dey happy say fuck sure today.  We begin gist, kiss small small. I dey use that one too press boobi. As I just wan talk say make we fuck na, na so Stella say make I quickly come escort am reach junction.”.

“Go do wetin”.. Wahidi asked

Guy chill na. Dey hear, me wey be say dick don hard. I first grumble but then I think am say to catch a monkey you sef must be monkey so I stand up follow am.  All through the waka, I no hear half of wetin she dey talk ask wey dey my head na fuck fuck fuck.

And your mama go think say na pikin she born o“.. Blacky whistled

“Make him finish story jor, you wey no get taste for girls sef dey abuse person“.. Sesan attacked him.

No mind am jare, make I finish story. As we reach junction, na so we enter one new boutique wey just dey near that iya Qudus side. I sha stand like pole make Stella do wetin she wan do make we go back room. But as we enter the place, I notice say Stella don give me title ‘baby’ ‘baby do you think this is fine?’ ‘Baby which would look better on me?’. Wetin concern me? Me sef begin baby am back. I no know say I dey dig my grave. As she pick everything wey she wan pick finish go counter na im she call me o say make I con pay“..

Another round of laughter.

Wait o Stella wan turn you to bank ni,?”.. Blacky asked the obvious.

Bank better na.. At least for bank you go deposit then withdraw. This one she just wan withdraw ni”. Sesan said

Na so I tell Stella say na 450 naira dey my pocket o and that 450 sef, I dey owe iya Nuru 200. Omo if you see the eye wey Stella use look mi. Wey she don pack clothes off about 15k put for counter. She gast dey return everything. She no talk to me till we come back house. I dey even feel say make I try fuck am during the night say she go don mellow down, oboy she stand up go wear jeans sleep ni“…

You no even happy say she even let you sleep for her room“.. Blacky said

I dey tell you that Abuja wey she go, na runs she go dey learn“.. Sesan said as he stood up and was putting on a shirt.

Where you dey go? ” Micheal asked him

I wan fetch water for well jare, shit dey worry me“..

I stood up to follow him, I needed water too. Time to bathe, I was all sweaty. Grabbed a bucket too and stepped out.

Did you and Blacky go out again last night? “. Sesan asked me as we walked towards the well.

No oh, slept straight“..

Suddenly Sesan stopped in his tracks.

Bode please help me fetch the water, this shit don wan drop“..and with that he dropped his bucket and took off.I shook my head laughing and walked to the well with the two buckets. Met two really beautiful ladies fetching water. . Hmm they must be the girls Wahidi and Sesan went to meet last night.

I decided to be a gentleman and help out.

“Thank you“.. The taller one said

It’s nothing, I am Bode“. I decided to act sharp.

Hi I am Abosede” … The other lady stretched out her hand with a big smile all over her face.

And I am Seyi“.. The tall one came in too.

Well what do you know, this might actually be the beginning of something special.

I grinned.

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