Podcast: Dating Younger Partners

Podcast: Dating Younger Partners

Hi there,Its funny how we let age come between our happiness. On today’s podcast which happens to be my first podcast in the year 2016, I talked about Dating Younger partners. Do you think there is a minimum age, actual age or maximum age? Do listen below and share your opinion with me via mail or using the comment box.Podcast: Dating Younger PartnersAlso remember you can share your story, ask my opinion or suggest a topic by sending a mail to elsieisy@gmail.comThank you for listening.

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  1. Age is really a defining factor for me though. I am yet to meet someone younger than me who is actually smart and responsible. Most younger guys of this generation are still kids up there and are still very “excited” about things as trivial as Sex. An older guy is really never certainly wiser yea, but most are way mature and have gotten over their “I must stick it to every girl” phase. Most older guys are not as selfish as their younger counterparts are s well. For girls who have dated men younger than them and have done well, good for them. Personally, the older, the better. I am not about to become a parent before I have my actual children.

    1. Well…like we both mention, not all younger guys are kids up there. You say ‘most’ but i say ‘some. \n\nAnd like i mentioned, u dont jump on every younger guy, you take time to be sure. But to say most older guys are matured? lol. May we not jam #yorubaboys o

  2. Personally I think it depends on the level of maturity. Tho I wouldn’t normally date a guy younger than me but it depends on the kind of understanding you guys have and most importantly, how matured he is in his reasoning.

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